Real World Portland

Real World Portland Cast

I’ve been putting this post off for a while, but I think now is a good time to post it. Here is the cast of The Real World Portland. If you don’t want to know it, please look no further.

I’d like to give thanks to all of the other sites that helped to collect this information. As much as I’d like to take credit, information has been coming in from Vevmo, RealityTVForums, and RealWorldPDXSpy.

Anastasia Miller

A_VKkipCEAAa8Qz.jpg large

  • -Exact age unknown (Early 20’s)
  • -Model
  • -From Michigan

Johnny Reilly

real world portland cast johnny reilly

  • – 21 years old
  • -Chef
  • -From Massachusetts
  • -Videos have leaked of him fighting with other roommates

Averey Tressler


  • – 21 years old
  • -From Michigan
  • -Worked at Hooters

Jordan Wiseley

real world portland cast jordan wiseley

  • – 22 years old
  • – From Oklahoma. Majored in business at Oklahoma State University
  • -Loves to snowboard and wakeboard

Jessica McCain

A_lov9ECMAAY5o8.jpg large

  • – 21 years old
  • – From North Carolina. Went to the University of North Carolina at Pembroke
  • – Was a model
  • -Very religious

Marlon Williams


  • – 24 years old (probably oldest cast member)
  • -Went to Texas Technical University and play football (linebacker) and majored in civil enineering
  • -Played professional football in Canada after he went undrafted in the 2010 draft.
  • -Aspiring rapper

Joi Niemeyer


  • -22 years old
  • -From Washington state. Communications major from University of Washington
  • -Model…Playboy model.

And that’s all I have…for now. I may post some real spoilers that have been discovered later on.


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