Real World Locations They Should Go “Back To”

There’s only so many cities in the world, and The Real World has been known to revisit some that they have already been to. Sometimes this works well (New Orleans, Las Vegas, New York) and other times it doesn’t (San Diego). Let’s check out some of the locations that MTV ought to revisit.


San Francisco- San Fran is a very interesting city, and the original season focused heavily on Puck and Pedro. It would be interesting to see how things have changed in the 18 years since the original.


Chicago- Chicago is another one of the major cities in the U.S., and there’s always events going on. It has been over a decade since The Real World first invaded Chicago, and that season did very well. Returning there may be a wise idea.


Miami- Florida seasons tend to be interesting, and the first Miami season produced some of the most memorable Real World moments (Dan/Melissa fight, Mike’s 3-some). Going back to Miami may produce a similarly interesting season.

Which Real World cities should the cast return to?


2 thoughts on “Real World Locations They Should Go “Back To”

  1. Last time they were in Chicago it was a nightmare with the protesters. I like seasons that have cool climate so Florida I don’t need again. I would love Boston and London with better casting.

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