Reasons to Keep Watching The Real World

Soon, we will be introduced to new group of strangers that are embarking on the 28th Real World journey. Very few shows last 28 seasons and remain on the air for 21 years, but The Real World has managed to.

Before I start listing the reasons that The Real World is still worth watching, I do want to point out that this post is inspired to another blog post. It’s a great read, and is from a fan of the show that has been watching since day one.


It perfected the reality TV formula- The Real World is often credited as the first reality show. To my knowledge, there were some other shows that had a reality show feel to them prior to The Real World (the term “reality show” didn’t really exist in 92). However, The Real World had the winning formula, and that is why it worked so well. The concept of bringing strangers together has been used in many different reality shows, but The Real World introduced the idea.

It’s simple yet interesting- If you look at the new reality shows that come out, you’ll see increasingly complicated formats. The Real World’s format is about as simple as it gets, yet it manages to provided interesting and entertaining content.

It goes everywhere- Most reality shows are filmed in tropical locations, New York, or California. While The Real World has been to those places, it also goes elsewhere. What other reality show has a season filmed in Portland? Because The Real World has one coming soon.

…and it goes “there”- You name a topic, and The Real World has probably at least touched on it. Whether it’s death/drugs/racism/homophobia/disease/sexual assault/weight issues/abortion… the list goes on and on. And once you think they’ve covered everything, the show surprises you and finds a new, but interesting, storyline.

It could last forever- As long as you watch, the show can live. Unlike other reality shows that follow celebrities, The Real World isn’t dependent on the same group of people to return for a new season. Take The Jersey Shore for example. Now that half the cast is done with it, the show is unable to go on. And it’s unlikely to have a successful spin-off with new people. Because they’re not recycling people, there are always new people willing to be on the show and the show’s formula will never have to be altered.

So make sure to watch Portland so the show can live forever!


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