Can Someone Win Too Much?

Rumors are flying around that people are receiving availability calls about Challenge 24. According to Tyler, he was not asked to participate in the upcoming challenge because he has won his last two challenges. Real World Key West was also not contacted about Battle of the Seasons because they (Johnny, Tyler and Paula) have all won recently.

Should people get banned from the challenges for winning to much?


If you ask me, the answer is no! But, I don’t think it’s ridiculous to make some conscious changes to the cast based on someone’s record.

For example, there are certain people (like Johnny, Evan, Kenny) that are notorious for all making it to the end together. If they’re all on the same team together, you’re bound to have the same results as a previous challenge. For this reason, it may be a good idea to avoid putting them all on the same team in a future challenge. Even if you’re a fan of the alliance, it may be interesting to see who the strongest member is by having them compete on separate teams.

I think that asking consistent winner to take a break after a big win is OK, but banning them from ever competing again seems wrong.

What do you think?



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