Real World Las Vegas 2

Love Story…Heather & Dustin

On this Valentine’s day…the most romantic of holidays… I wanted to rewind and look at one of my favorite challenge couples: Dustin & Heather.


The two met during Real World 25: Back to Las Vegas. During the season we saw plenty of roommates hooking up, but Dustin and Heather were the only real relationship. There were some bumps in the road, that consisted of secrets being exposed and hooking up with other girls (and this includes the time Heather hooked up with Nany…oops!) but they were able to get past these problems. By the end of the season the two were on good terms, but distance was a concerning factor in the relationsip.

The two appeared as “exes” during Battle of the Exes, but I’m not really convinced that they were exes during the season. They seemed to get along just fine, and they competed well together. That is, until Dustin split his knee open and had to leave for medical reasons. Though Heather had to leave too, she didn’t hold a grudge.

When Dustin came back on Battle of the Seasons he said that after Exes Heather flew to Louisiana and helped him move out all of stuff. They road tripped to New Jersey, and moved in together. Though Heather was not on the season, their relationship remained a motivating factor for Dustin to do well. He was able to win in an Arena, and ultimately made it to the final. Though he finished in second place, he didn’t go home empty-handed. He took home a $25,000 check.

Now, the two seem to be doing well together. Their relationship serves as proof that healthy relationship can emerge from these shows, and Heather keeps us updated on her youtube channel.

If either of them see this, just know that I wish you all the best. You two are great together.


  1. Totally agree with you. I liked them both on RW 25 and on Exes. I also think that they weren’t exes on that Challenge season but the production needed to put some new faces there.

    But the most important thing is that they seem to be happy now!

  2. Thank you for this post! And thanks for posting the YouTube channel! I now have a blog of my own :). I’d love if you checked it out! Thanks for being a great fan. xo

  3. They are so annoying together. I always saw Heather as very interesting and palled in comparison to some of her other Vegas 2 roomates. But she was overshadowed by her boring relationship with Dustin. Dustin did gay porn lets not forget and you can still easily google the GIF image of him bottoming and loving it. I still see him as fake and the face of why male bisexuality is a joke

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