The Challenge

Love Story: Abe & Cara Maria

It’s hard to believe I’ve been writing for this site for 4 Valentines days now, and every year I have highlighted a couple who have given up hope for love on The Real World/ The Challenge.

This year, I’d like to showcase one of my favorite couples: Abram & Cara Maria. The duo first met on Cutthroat in 2010. This was Cara Maria’s first solo Challenge and it marked a return to The Challenge for Abe after a couple of years away.

fb01Anyone who knows Abe knows he has always been a little bit out there, and during this season we were just meeting Cara Maria. It quickly became clear that she was also a little bit different, but in all of the best ways. The fact that these two clicked seemed inevitable, but it was such a perfect match.

Good things don’t always last, but Abe remained a prominent figure in Cara Maria’s life. When Cara Maria appeared on Rivals, Abe was her rock despite the fact that he wasn’t cast for the show. She called him after her fights and he’d provide her with motivational words to help her survive the verbal lashings of the veteran girls.

Of course, the next time we saw these two on a Challenge was Battle of the Exes. When the two were on the show, they weren’t really exes, but their relationship was in limbo. Abe wanted to commit to a relationship while Cara Maria was wavering with the idea. She even mentioned that she’d want to move in with Abe, only to retract the statement and say that the time wasn’t right.


This season tested their relationship, and they had to struggle with the concept of having a long distance relationship. Abe spent some time in Boston with Cara Maria, and Cara Maria spent some time in Montana with Abe. While

Even though time has past between Exes and now, the two are still involved with each other. Cara Maria has been spending a lot of time in Montana, and according to her Instagram she recently vacationed in Hawaii with Abe.

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 10.39.33 PM

Cara Maria always described herself as an only child who needs her space, but the way she lights up when she’s with Abe proves that there are genuine feelings between the two. At this point we’re approaching 5 years of them being invested in each other, and it’s clear they still care for one another. While there have been bumps on the road it’s clear they can work to make a good thing last.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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