Rivals 2

Challenge 24: Cast List

I JUST WANT TO MAKE THIS CLEAR… this is most likely the cast of the upcoming challenge. Until MTV makes an official announcement, there is a possibility that the cast will change.

I’d also like to give credit to the sites that helped me compile this information

Remember, these are technically spoilers. So please stop reading if you don’t want to know!

The challenge will be filmed in THAILAND


CT Tamburello- Real World Paris


Derek Chavez- Real World Cancun


Dunbar Merrill- Real World Syndey


Frank Sweeney- Real World San Diego 2


Johnny Bananas- Real World Key West


Jordan Wiseley- Real World Portland


Leroy Garrett- Real World Las Vegas 2

challenge leroy

Marlon Williams- Real World Portland


Preston Roberson-Charles- Real World New Orleans 2

challenge preston

Robb Schreiber- Real World St. Thomas


Ryan Knight- Real World New Orleans


Trey Weatherholtz- Real World St. Thomas


Ty Ruff- Real World Washington DC


Tyrie Ballard- Real World Denver


Wes Bergmann- Real World Austin


Zach Nichols- Real World San Diego 2

challenge zach


Anastasia Miller- Real World Portland


Aneesa Ferreira- Real World Chicago

Aneesa on The Duel

Camila Nakagawa- Spring Break Challenge


Diem Brown- Fresh Meat


Emily Schromm- Real World Washington D.C.

challenge emily

Heather Cooke- Real World Las Vegas 2


Jasmine Reynaud- Real World Cancun


Jemmye Carroll- Real World New Orleans 2


Jessica McCain- Real World Portland

mgid uma video mtv.com 888848

Jonna Mannion – Real World Cancun


Nany Gonzalez- Real World Las Vegas 2


Naomi Defensor- Real World Las Vegas 2


Paula Meronek- Real World Key West


Sarah Rice- Real World Brooklyn


Theresa Gonzalez- Fresh Meat 2

challenge theresa

Trishelle Cannatella- Real World Las Vegas


  1. They left 5 hours agoo… Chet tweeted 2 hours ago,

    Emily is having her siter run her twitter, like she did on Exes.,

  2. Almost positive Camila is on it. She did her 90 day challenge which she did right before Seasons, Exes, and Rivals. Also was seen in NYC doing test!

    1. I’m sure she’d love to come back, especially after she was alledgely violated with a toothbrush by two of the bigger mainstays the show has. I guess she values peace and/or therapy over making a quick buck.

  3. oh, dunbar and tyrie, how exciting…

    Glad to see Cooke though, I hope Emily Schromm is on too, that’d be a great matchup.

  4. Why do people like jek all they do is bully all the girl and never go in elimination rounds, I want to see a challenge with the three of them on different teams

      1. No rivals they still had a alliance, I want to see like a cutthroat Kenny on blue team Evan on red and Johnny on gray

      2. Rivals wasn’t much different, they still had there alliance. I would like it see a cutthroat 2 with Kenny on red Evan on blue and Johnny on gray

  5. Um what about evan and kenny!!! I don’t think I can stand another season without them!!! 😦 waaaaaa

    1. Learn too…They would never be on another challenge after the toothbrush raping accusation. They would do special or online aftershows . But never be part of a challenge cast again.

      1. Only two females here have won 3 if you count Sam who is also rumored to be on it
        But just BC its a ruins 2 doesn’t mean its champ vs chall, look at the inferno and the inferno 2 completely different formats

      2. I heard that they are doing a partners one, a vet with a rookie like ct with Cooke

  6. Why on earth would Sam show up for another challenge where Zach and Frank are involved? Maybe her fat ass will actually be in shape this time, otherwise it’s curtains for her on episode 1 unless everyone keeps her in as long as possible to beat her in the final

    1. I don’t see why people like Sam who suck and they know they suck come back, Sam even said she doesn’t care about winning

      1. I’m sorry . . . she won. She won her first Challenge even with two assholes riding her. And she’s a loser? Good post. Bet you like Frank, Zach and the likes of Evan/Johnny/Kenny.

    2. First of all, I must have missed Sam’s picture being here. Secondly . . . she’s fat? Wow. Never mind Frank and Zach emotionally (and, at one point, PHYSICALLY) abused her. Must have been her fault because she’s supposed to be butch. If she were to come back to merely ambush one or both or her tormentors, I wouldn’t mind one bit.

      1. Hate Frank Zach is OK hate jek
        Sam ONLY won BC Devon and jd slowed down team Brooklyn

  7. ugh this crew is missing oldschool
    and take away some of the boring stuff: derek, dunbar, tyrie and most of the ladies lol

  8. Can’t thank you enough for this blog. As much as it annoys me that we have to wait for what seems like forever to watch the next challenge, even bits of info make it better! haha

  9. Evan and Kenny didn’t “rape” Tonya. They put a toothbrush down her pants, because it was “the dirtiest place in the house”, they didn’t sex her with it. If you think there’s no difference then ask someone who’s REALLY been raped if they’d like to trade experiences you hysterical weenies.

    1. Okay. Let’s say you’re right. Let’s say they stuck a toothbrush in her pants and nowhere else. Forgive me for ensuing caps . . . HOW IS THAT SO MUCH BETTER?!?

      1. tbf, most reality contestants would let someone stick a toothbrush down their pants to win a round on a gameshow – not a even a prize, just a round. to equate what Evan and Kenny did with rape just because it was near Tonya’s no-no zone is beyond hysterical. not that they shouldn’t be in trouble for violating her person, but rape? Come now.

      2. Trying to reply to Cady24. Cady24 . . . you’re a moron. Straight-up moron. I don’t care that Tonya was a walking traffic accident. I don’t care if she was passed out. If Evan and Kenny did what there were accused of, then guess what? IT’S RAPE. Even though Tonya settled out of court with BMP, I can honestly believe Evan and Kenny did that. And if they didn’t, there’s still lots of other acts of heinousness from them that have helped make the show even more unbearable.

  10. There is literally no reason for Preston to be there other than being kept on the show for as long as possible by other teams so he can lose the final or a very late elimination. He is physically worthless. At least Jasmine is entertaining and there’s an actual reason to bring her back.

  11. It seems to be a good balance of great competitors, vets, rookies, hook ups, CT, Johnny Bananas and drama.

    1. It doesn’t have to be champions vs challengers, look at the gauntlet and the gauntlet 2 completely different
      I hope its not a inferno BC infernos have lame elimination rounds
      Also in gauntlets a whole bunch of people never even go in a elimination

  12. The picture of Tyrie in this post is exactly how I felt when I saw him on this list. Also, it’s too bad Brandon from Fresh Meat 2 isn’t on here. He’d be a perfect replacement for Tyrie. He’s hilarious and actually good at things. If they’re never going to have Evan or Kenny back because of the Tonya thing, they could seriously do better than bringing back dull cast members like Tyrie, Jonna and Dunbar (though at least Dunbar won once). Replacing those three with Brandon, Nia from RW Portland and a legit crazy person like Abram would have made this cast pretty much perfect. Also switching out Preston for the vastly underrated Cohutta would have been great. Obviously I have no idea if any of those people are available and it’s ver possible that Nia will prove herself too unstable for reality TV (I think they learned their lesson when Adam Royer got amazingly kicked off two shows in a row), but this could have been improved by at least a little bit. Still, not a terrible cast.

  13. So TJ posted an instagram picture and the caption was something saying that he cant tell us what this is but it is what most of us are thinking. I commented on the picture and said the whole cast that was on this page and that it was being filmed in thailand. I also said how i think itll be the ruins 2 with a different format. So he deleted the comment and commented back with my name tagged and said,”Please keep your comments down homie. I appreciate it..” So this website must be pretty darn accurate.

  14. I am super excited about most of the cast. LOVE CT, Danny, and Johnny. CT and Danny are nice eye candy. I wish they would have cast better females though. I would have liked to see Melinda, Johanna and Rachel. But I can do without Zach and Frank. I think they bring poor ratings.

    1. If you mean Austin’s Rachel, she is pregnant so she can’t be on it
      Johanna isn’t coming back due to the things Kenny and his gang did to her,(same goes for Kim and Veronica)

      1. I thought that was just Tonya, not all of the girls.. Wasn’t Johanna friends with Kenny and crew?

      2. It was not just Tonya they treated Katie like dirt also
        I remember reading online after Tonya filed her lawsuit that Johanna and Kim supported it and someone said they were done with challenges after the way they were treated

      3. I wonder how they figured out Danny would be on! He’s basically the only cast member without twitter. who every finds this information is GOOD! btw. LOVE DANNY. He’s so HOT to me!

    1. Don’t be so devastated! Danny could do way better than Melinda. Word is she cheated on Danny. They got married in August 2008. Her current boyfriend has a picture of her on his facebook from 2009. That speaks for itself.

      1. I heard that she slept with Brandon from freshmeat 2 when they were still married

      2. I was a little confused when I listened to Melinda’s spreecast with Alex from RW 26 and she said that she was with some other guy for three and a half years but is currently single

      3. I listened to Melinda on spreecast as well. She said she is currently single. Then she was asked how long she was in that relationship for and she said 3.5 years. It’s obvious from Battle of the Seasons, her comments on twitter and spreecast, that she dumped Danny. I think she literally went from Danny to that other dude. who btw, is GROSS! I think she is HOT, and Danny is a good looking dude. But her last bf….I have no words for!

  15. When did they leave for the challenge? I live in OKC (Jordan Wiseley is from Mustang, about 20 minutes from me) and he did a radio interview the day RW Portland premiered and sounded like he was in-studio…and would he even be able to do a phone interview from the challenge? He mentioned that he’d been asked about challenges and said he was interested, but I’m sure he wouldn’t be able to say if he was for sure cast anyway.

    1. I’m pretty sure she has a real job now. I hope it involves telling fat redhead giants how awful they are. That’s pretty much her wheelhouse.

  16. Devyn is not on this season but Aneesa is. Aneesa is normally extremely active on Instagram and hasn’t been seen on it since the cast left for Thailand

    1. That doesn’t mean anything, Devon went on” vacation” right when the cast left and now is back and mentioned nothing about her vacation

      1. Something is fishy with devyn though. I follow her on twitter and she’s always extremely active. Sometimes posting more than once a day. All of a sudden she’s off, makes one appearance and hasn’t been back on since. hmmm. I wouldn’t rule it out that she wasn’t on the challenge.

  17. Great the same people from the lats challenge and the challenge before that. These challenges are getting boring and predictable. we all know who will win or make it to the end and plus these people take these challenges way to serious. Whatever happened to having fun in a challenge (Battle of the Sexes, The Inferno etc….) Its rather boring seeing only real world people.
    My ideal people would be Girls: Lori, Coral, Veronica, Katie, Ev, Ayanna (lol), Rachel, Ruthie, Kaia, Diem, Irulan, Emily from RR makes a return lol and Robin.
    Guys: Miz, Theo, Malik maybe lol, Chris Real world chicago, Abe, CT, Adam, Alton etc…..
    Why cant it be more fun challenegs and entertaining not predictbale and too serious.

    1. Exactly your IDEAl Dream cast, most of the have move on they are on mid’s or late 30s not everyone is Mark long, Paula and JKE that are stuck doing challenges:

      Lori married with kids don’t want to be associate with this shows, Coral she would do 1 more if time is right for her, Veronica hate The challenges don’t want to be associate with them is mom now, Katie same as coral but is in school, Ev moved on in law school, ayanna move on with kids, Rachel most likely do another if time is right, Ruthie same as Rachel,Kaia never did one because she wasn’t interesting in doing them,Irulan married with a kid, Emily she hate the show or atleast she told me that on facebook, Robin would do one but she just got married.

      Miz wouldn’t do a challenge never agin just host after show/reunion, Theo retired from challenges, Malik never interesting in doing challenges, Chris same as Malik, Abe was boring on exes he have said that he just losed interest in doing them but probably would do one,CT he is still doing them, Adam who?,Alton like Abram he doesn’t care about them and just recently became a dad.

      1. It’s more than just the cast it’s in my opinion having a fun/exciting challenge (the inferno) not a intense/predictable challenge (battle of the seasons 2) these people aren’t athletes but yet they are doing challenges that even athletes wouldn’t do.

      2. you guys realize Road Rules hasn’t been on since 2007, and that season was an entirely repeated cast, right? These people are in their 30’s now, they’ve probably just moved on with their lives, have real jobs, kids, etc. They can’t all be Robin and keep coming on the show on the off chance they make money to bring back to their families. After last season, I imagine most of them got the picture that MTV is moving on from the old challenge types and wants to use people from newer Real World seasons. I absolutely hope this doesn’t happen, but with the ratings of the last couple seasons of the Real World (SD, St Thomas, first couple Portland episodes), me may be seeing the beginning of the end of RW/The Challenge. That’d be a goddam shame, but don’t be surprised.

  18. Why do people have such high hopes for Cooke, just BC she plays soccer doesn’t mean she will be good, look at Rachel from Austin she was in the ARMY and she was terrible

    1. She’s actually athletic. Most girls on the show (aside from Emily) aren’t that athletic and only last as long as they do because they’re good at the political game (this usually involves strategically sleeping with someone like Jonna and Sarah did last season). Jasmine, Anastasia, Jessica, Jemmye and Jonna are all pretty bad at the actual challenges and Trichelle, Theresa and Paula aren’t that great either. Diem is probably the fourth or fifth-best girl on this season behind Emily, Cooke, Camila and maybe Sarah and she isn’t all that great at the challenges. Cooke was on some country’s national soccer team (Singapore, I think), that puts her far ahead of the pack. That said, the challenges are so damn random that you never know what will happen (like on Gauntlet 3 where really strong players lost in gauntlets because they played that stupid Sliders game of on Duel 2 when Derek just couldn’t climb the damn wall). I have high hopes for Cooke. Also she might bring some drama, which is always a plus.

      1. obviously i’m just assuming that the portland girls will be bad. I’m really bummed Hurricane Nia won’t be on this challenge.

      2. Why are you saying that Sarah is bad at challenges, she isn’t her in Devin won the bumper challenge also Sarah did great on the ruins and ALMOST beat the champions

      3. You can’t judge a book by its cover, Marie didn’t seem like she would be good at challenges and she was, Kim didn’t seem good either but she was great beating Ruthie and going head to head with Susie

      4. I don’t think MTV trusts nia not to attack people on the challenge lol I wish she was there and saw the awful way Frank treats women so she can punch him

      5. We haven’t see Ana, Jessica and Cooke so you considering them good or bad its pretty pathetic.

        Jonna have never f*ck up in any mission, neither on Rivals or Seasons. She is descent, I think she is a girl you want on a final good at puzzle and have good endurance. She is a great stratgiest and can play a political game. On Laurel web Came during battle of the season, she stated that she though Jonna was one of the tops girl on that challenge.

  19. It can’t be Rivals because its too soon, and some of them don’t even hate each other, and it can’t be The Ruins or Gauntlet cause its seems like it’s more vets than rookies on here

    1. Yeah Rivals 2 doesn’t really make sense given this cast, if they did a rookies/vets one where 1-2 challenges=rookies and 3 or more = vets that works out to a perfect 8 and 8 with the guys (CT, Danny, Dunbar, Johnny, Leroy, Tyrie, Derek and Wes v. Frank, Jordan, Marlon, Preston, Robb, Knight, Trey and Zach). For the girls it’s a little harder, Ana, Cooke, Jemmye, Jess, Jonna, Nany, Naomi and Theresa are on the rookie side with 2 or less each. Aneesa, Camila, Diem, Paula, Sarah, Jasmine, Emily and Trischelle are vets.

      You read it here first (note that I’ve been actively avoiding Vevmo and news of who has been eliminated, I’m sure somebody else has already figured this out if these are the teams).

      1. also if those are the teams, the veteran girls are STACKED, with jasmine being the only weak link (and she can sometimes be good at random stuff, she’s just tiny). the guys are fairly evenly matched.

      2. I was thinking the same thing but switch Emily and Theresa. Emily has done two challenges(Cutthroat, Exes) and Theresa has done three (Fresh Meat 2, Cutthroat, Rivals).

      3. good catch. Emily just feels like more of a vet because she’s won money both times and is just a freaking beast (I am a huge Emily fan).

  20. Actually, re-reading that, that would have put both of them on the vets team. The Devyn situation really throws a fork into this.

  21. Does anyone have any idea of what the format is going to be? I really dont think itll be rivals 2. I see it being called “The Ruins 2” but the format will be vets vs rookies.

    1. That doesn’t make any sense unless they’re building an entire season around twitter beef, which nobody cares about and is goddam retarded. Who has beef with tyrie, derek, dunbar, preston, emily, jemmye, trichelle, naomi, etc? I’m sure you could come up with some 1-episode disagreement from like 6 seasons ago for some of the veterans, but that just doesn’t make any sense.

    2. there is no way those are the teams if its going to be rivals 2. leroy and ty have beef? from what? and they wouldnt pair johnny and frank together just because of twitter bullshit.

      1. I wasn’t completely sure why the teams were aligned that way but my source is very reliable. The Portland kids have already been sent home.

      2. “my source is very reliable” means you looked at vevmo, otherwise get more specific about your source. Also, they’ve been there a month, of course the Portland rookies have been sent home, the girls don’t look like they’d be all that good and one of the guys has half a hand. Either way, put a big “SPOILER ALERT” if you’re going to post spoilers.

      3. fair, sorry. Would still like to hear more about that source though, preferably without any spoilers please.

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