Game Changers: The Island

It’s time to look into a dark, dark era of The Challenge history. The Island, the season that could have ruined The Challenge but somehow didn’t. The Island was a weird transition from the prior season, The Gauntlet 3. That season was the first to have hour-long episodes but it was clearly filmed to have half-hour episodes like the first two Gauntlets. This meant most … Continue reading Game Changers: The Island

10 Side Plotlines You May Have Forgotten

Most seasons of The Challenge are remembered for one or two main storylines. War of the Worlds 2 will be remembered for “Cara’s Cult” vs. the Bananas/Jordan’s alliance and Jordan proposing to Tori. Meanwhile, most seasons have some lesser storylines that are forgotten over time. These are minor fights that are ignored after a couple of episodes, relationships that never come to formation, or competitors … Continue reading 10 Side Plotlines You May Have Forgotten

Challengers & Real Worlders Who Could Have Been on Ex on the Beach… 10 Years Ago

Everyone loves a good relationship-based reality show designed to ruin lives and exploit emotional trauma, right? Well, that was too cutting edge for 2008, but all the rage in 2018. Let’s just pretend Ex on the Beach existed in 2008/2009. These are the people I think MTV would transplant from The Real World or The Challenge onto the show. Unlike other MTV shows, MTV loved … Continue reading Challengers & Real Worlders Who Could Have Been on Ex on the Beach… 10 Years Ago

10 Challengers Who Allegedly Lost on Purpose

If you watch The Challenge, you know TJ hates one thing: quitters. On Rivals 3, Brandon got a brutal lashing from TJ when he left to be with his girlfriend. On Invasion, Theo got a few jabs when he refused to jump off a cliff and essentially quit because he was afraid of heights. Even Mattie got became an anti-smoking ad when she quit the … Continue reading 10 Challengers Who Allegedly Lost on Purpose

Johnny Bananas: Every Season Ranked

If you’re reading my blog, you know Johnny Bananas. With more Challenge seasons under his belt than anyone else, his record is full of really high highs and really low lows. Regardless of whether you love him or hate him, you have to admit his name is basically synonymous with The Challenge. After 19 seasons (seventeen regular, two spin-off), Bananas’s Challenge career is more of … Continue reading Johnny Bananas: Every Season Ranked

Ten Sloppiest Break Ups on The Challenge

At the Challenge: Dirty Thirty reunion, we saw the aftermath of the Tori & Derrick break up. It was not pleasant, but it wasn’t the first time we saw exes battle on The Challenge. Here are ten of the most uncomfortable moments recreated by two exes being trapped in a Challenge house together. Surprisingly, only a few of these moments were created by the forced … Continue reading Ten Sloppiest Break Ups on The Challenge

Rivals With Better Rivals

Since the first Rivals season, fans have been speculating of a co-ed rivals season. While many fans may be excited to see that theme become a reality, other are disappointed with the pairs who were selected. Here are some of the Rivals 3 contestants who have stronger rivalries with other opposite-sex cast members. 1. Kellyanne and Dunbar Perhaps a team better suited for exes, even … Continue reading Rivals With Better Rivals