The New Challenge Whores

Let’s pretend that the challenge was going to be continued for 10 more seasons (I hope this becomes a reality). It doesn’t seem likely that people such as CT, Johnny, Paula, Diem, Kenny etc. will do these things forever.

In fact, there was a time when these people didn’t dominate the challenge scene. Their domination really began with challenges like The Ruins, Rivals, and Battle of the Exes. Prior to that time, the shows were dominated by people such as Robin, Brad, Derrick, and Katie. And before these people we had like Coral, Veronica, The Miz, and Theo.

Of course, previous generations haven’t completely faded into oblivion. Robin, Aneesa, Derrick and others seem to pop up on challenges. But they’re appearances are far less consistent than they once were. So if The Challenges have 5+ more years left in it, these are the people we ought to get used to.


Frank & Zach– The new Johnny and Tyler? Seems possible. They both like to run the show, are no strangers to making alliances, enjoy stirring up drama, and have a rocky relationship. With Zach’s outbursts and numerous relationships with other cast members, it seems likely that he could become a staple in the series. Frank’s frequent fighting will also be enough for him to get invited onto more shows. In my opinion, Battle of the Seasons was an introduction to a new generation of challenges and as the frontrunners of the season these two seem to be contenders for many more challenges.

Emily– The new Evelyn? Real World D.C.’s cross-fit enthusiast seems to have become a fan favorite. She’s known to kick-ass on challenges and win elimination rounds. Like Evelyn, she’s not invincible… just close to it.

Trey- The new Dunbar? Much like Dunbar on The Island and The Duel 2, Trey was kind of connected to the main alliance, but not really included in it. Add in the fact that he’s kind of hot headed and irrational, and he has many traits in common with Dummy Bear. Trey seems like a tough guy, but his performance doesn’t always align with his physique.

Cara Maria– The new Paula? On Rivals 1, Cara Maria and Laurel were kind of involved with the main alliance, but at they end of the day they were deemed disposable. Much like Paula on The Island. Cara has been on the past 5 challenges, had many episodes with rocky relationships, and is a decent competitor. She seems to be a good contender to win, but drama always gets in the way. Perhaps she won’t stop showing up until she secures as win.

Knight- OK, enough comparing people (IE, I don’t have a strong comparison for Knight). Now that he’s done a challenge, he’ll likely keep on coming back.  He seems to enjoy the challenge environment and scheming his way through the games.

Camila– Camila shows up to compete, and along the way she might take some drugs and throw some chairs. Her loud and accented mouth is enough to get her in many fights. She’ll want to keep doing challenges because she’s a competitor. Production will want her back because she’s crazed.

Dustin– OK, so he had to skip out on Rivals 2 because he was filming Couple Therapy, but it’s no secret that he has a lot of potential to get into conflict. On Battle of the Seasons he was one of the main forces against the main alliance. Plus, he’s a good competitor. That should be reason enough for him to return.

Nany– She’s part drama, part beauty queen, and part competitor. She’s really got a lot going for her, and production would be blind if they couldn’t see that… and if there’s ever a Battle of the Exes 2 her and Adam deserve to be there.

Jordan– I might be going out on a limb here, because I’ve never actually seen him compete, but the fact that he has such an athletic background makes him an ideal challenge candidate. Factor in his argumentative nature and you’ve got a stand out challenger.

Jonna– She’s been described as a serial dater and she enjoys getting into a fight every so often. Plus, she’s exceed expectations on her past 2 challenges. It seems likely that she’ll be included in some more upcoming challenges.

What do you think? Who will become the new generation of challenge whores?


  1. I agree. I think we will also be seeing more of Jemmye, CJ, Ashley, Leroy, Robb, Cooke, Sarah, and Marie in future challenges.

    1. I agree. But many of those people aren’t argumentative enough, don’t hook up enough, or fade into the background. With recent seasons, social interactions have determined eligibility to compete. Jemmye is probably a safe bet though. Should have included her.

      1. True. I’d say Jemmye is a safe bet. Sarah has been on 7 challenges in a row and will probably keep being asked back/doing them til she wins. Maybe not every upcoming season but deff many more. CJ is a personal trainer and very athletic. He got in an argument in BOTS and was in an alliance and back stabbed in FM2. I hated San Diego but loved Ashley in BOTS because of who she had to deal with on her team and how strong she was. However, she was very quiet and didn’t add much. Leroy doesn’t seem to fight but be the one breaking up the fights. Robb and Marie I wasn’t a big fan of but they were heavily involved in the BOTS fight and are deff people who could be hooking up with others. Cooke, we obviously have never seen in a challenge. I don’t know if I see her as someone who is gonna be in arguments or relationships but I can see her deff being athletic in the challenges. I would love to see a Duel 3 with many of the people on your list, my list and of course the usual people we would all love to see back (Laurel, Kenny etc.)

  2. I’m a huge fan of the challenge. My favorite challengers being CT and Evelyn. With that being said I think Ty will be a force to be reckon with if he competes like he competed on battle of the exes( he eliminated abram).

  3. Another thing to keep in mind here is that for people to keep coming back, they pretty much have to be either incapable of or disinterested in having a normal office job. If you’re a bartender or personal trainer or whatever, it’s probably a lot easier to keep showing up for these than if you’re an accountant or something. I know I wouldn’t be able to take several weeks off of work to film a reality show (I have a very average office job), and being on these shows is probably not the best thing for a standard professional career if you aren’t trying to be famous or involved in the entertainment, hospitality or fitness industries. I think that will prevent people who seem pretty smart/able to be a professional (CJ, JD, Chet, maybe Heather from vegas 2, other former RW people who have never touched a challenge) from making a ton of appearances. This is how we end up with dead end people like Jonna, Johnny Bananas, Paula and Big Easy showing up for season after season, it’s not like they have much else going on. That was probably harsher than I meant it, just food for thought.

  4. Age is also a factor. I imagine most cast members (aside from older vets like CT, Johnny, Paula, etc who are pushing 30 or may even be over 30) are 24 or younger. To put it in perspective, Wes, who has been on these shows basically forever, is only 26 or 27. At some point most people just want to move on with their lives, which is why we don’t see Evelyn, Cohutta, Derrick Kosinski, etc. anymore.

  5. Dustin and Heather stated they want a while away from all the cameras so they can live there lives but then they go on another reality show, they don’t want to come back to MTV

  6. Random but what do you think would have happened if Sydney was on the show instead of fresh meat?

  7. Ashley from San Diego was useless she just showed up and only talked like 6 times all season. Plus she should have vs jasmine instead of Sam

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