Challengers With Puppies

Every now and then I like to take a break from RW/Challenge discussions and check out some other topics in the challenge family.

This post is for the bitches, in the most literal sense of course. Let’s see some of our favorite challengers posing with puppies.


Here’s Wes with his dog, perhaps one of the largest dogs on Earth.

puppy bananas

Johnny Bananas doesn’t believe in taking cat naps, so he always sleeps with a dog to avoid any confusion.

puppy camila

Camila is willing to sacrifice wearing her sunglasses correctly so she can get a nice pic with her dog.


Who’s the hidden underneath a pile of hounds? CT of course!


Ashlee from Real World New Orleans takes a break from her radio show to kiss a dog.


Zach knows that lifting dogs is a better work out than one you could get at the gym.


Abram challenges a puppy to a howling contest. My guess is Abe won.


Cara Maria was initially angry to find out that she was sold a bootleg bunny, but she learned to love it anyway.


Sarah has to sleep on the couch. The dog has to sleep on Sarah.


Kenny thought he found love online. This is proof that he was catfished.


Paula prefers puppy kisses to Dunbar kisses.


Jemmye trained her dog to smile for the camera!


Cohutta is taking a stand! If dogs can’t smile then humans shouldn’t either!


Looks like this furry friend has taken a liking to Frank!


You can win all the challenges you want, but Rachel knows that you can never be too tough to hug a dog.


Road Ruler Katie and her four-legged friend!


Coral taking black and white pics of her black and white dogs.

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