Richest Losers

Competitors come onto the challenges with many goals in mind. Competition, love, friendships, drama, and most importantly money. While not everyone can become a challenge champion, that hasn’t stopped these competitors from accumulating a significant amount on money. Let’s check out the challengers who have won the most money without winning a final.

$76,000- Laurel

money laurel

Laurel has accumulated more money than any other challenger without a win despite the fact that she only has 3 challengers under her belt.

Breakdown of winnings: $30,000- Fresh Meat 2, $20,000- Cutthroat, $26,000- Rivals

$73,500- CT

money ct

CT has won more money than any other male without a win. He’ll be returning for Rivals 2 in hopes of getting his name taken off this list.

Breakdown of winnings: $10,000- The Inferno, $10,000- The Inferno 2, $1,000-Rivals, $52,500- Battle of the Exes

$52,5000- Diem

money diem

Despite the fact that she has competed in 6 previous challenges, all of Diem’s earning come from on appearance.

Breakdown of winnings: $52,500- Battle of the Exes

$47,689- Sarah

money sarah

Sarah’s drive as a competitor keeps her coming back, but her shitty teammates keep her from winning.

Breakdown of winnings: $17,689-The Ruins, $20,000- Cutthroat, $10,000-Battle of the Seasons

$46,000- Cara Maria

money cm

Despite being the first challenger eliminated from her first challenge, Cara Maria has been able to redeem herself enough to win a good amount of cash.

Breakdown of winnings: $20,000- Cutthroat, $26,000-Rivals

$45,000- Emily

Real World DC’s Emily has made a lot of money considering the fact that she has only competed in 2 challenges.

Breakdown of winnings: $20,000- Cutthroat, $25,000-Battle of the Exes

$35,000- Brittini

Real World Hollywood’s Brittini only competed in one challenge, but that’s enough for her to surpass many of the other challenge losers on this list.

Breakdown of winnings: $35,000- The Duel 2

$25,000- Dustin, Tina, Trishelle, Ty

Dustin’s breakdown of winnings: $25,000- Battle of the Seasons

Tina’s breakdown of winnings: $10,000- The Inferno 2, $15,000- Fresh Meat

Trishelle’s breakdown of winnings- $25,000- Battle of the Seasons

Ty’s breakdown of winnings- $25,000- Battle of the Exes

$23,571- Aneesa

Breakdown of winnings: $8,571- The Gauntlet 2, $15,000- The Duel 2

$20,000- Jenn, Luke

Jenn’s breakdown of winnings- $20,000-Cutthroat

Luke’s breakdown of winnings- $20,000-Cutthroat



  1. So funny that Anessa has been on 8 challenges (not including Rivals 2) and has made less than 1/3 of what Laurel has made in 3 and just over half of what Emily has made in 2.

  2. Sarahs lack of a win isn’t bc she has shitty team mates.. she’s a shitty athlete! she had to be carted off in an ambulance during cutthroat and she had Devon to blame and scream at for not winning. she’s a very poor sport, who has a false sense of superiority and i wish mtv would stop casting her.

    1. Liar she is not a poor athlete hey and vinny were power couple plus her and Kellyann almost beat the champs, Sarah is not a terrible athlete, if she was she wouldn’t have made it to three finals!

    2. Abram had to be carried off to and by your logic that makes him a shitty athlete, Abe has beaten brad twice he isbt shity so don’t go calling Sarah bad BC she threw up

  3. We can divide every dollar figure here pretty much in half to get the amount each person actually took home. Game show winnings are taxed to shit. The guy who won the first season of Survivor didn’t pay them and wound up in jail.

      1. if that’s the case that’s pretty awesome for those two, and they’ve both made a decent amount of money on these.

      2. They don’t get taxed BC they dont live in America, or if you don’t own a home, like if you live with you’re parents like Johny from Portland you wouldn’t get taxed

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