Are the Rookies Strong Enough to Win?

Rivals 2 has quite the mix of challengers. Seasoned vets and new-school rookies have shown up in Thailand, and for 5 of these individuals this marks the first time they have ever competed.

Let’s check out the newbies on Rivals 2 to see if anyone has a chances of winning.


Marlon- As a D1 football player in college, Marlon certainly will have some strength. However, his smoking may hurt his endurance. Diem attributed her loss on Battle of the Exes to CT’s smoking, and I doubt challenges have gotten any easier since then. However, if he still has the speed and strength of a football player he should have skills that can be used on the challenge field.

Jordan– Jordan’s athletic background is very different than the majority of competitors on these shows, but that’s likely a good thing. He’s play football, wakeboarded, been a gymnist, and cheered. I think his diverse background will serve him well in these challenge. Marlon and Jordan may prove to be a team that others fear.

Anastasia- As much as I like Ana, I wonder if she will be able to perform well in challenges. Her long arms and legs may serve her well because not many other challengers have a similar build. However, I have a hard time seeing her posing a threat against big-dogs like Emily.

JessicaI’m not entirely sure if she’ll do well or poorly. She used to go dirt biking, but that skill may not have many applications on the field. I’m guessing that Anastasia and Jessica’s chances of going far in the game are slim.

Cooke- Here’s someone that seems built for a challenge. As a college soccer player she grew up competing. After The Real World she joined a professional soccer team in The Philippines. Her constant training and athletic nature will likely make her an unexpected threat in the game, assuming her partner won’t hold her back.

Which newbie do you think will have the best performance for a first-timer.


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