Rivals 2

Rivals that Should Have Shown Up

Rivals 2 keeps getting closer and closer, and it seems like hype for the seasons has been increasing over the past week. While there’s a lot of excitement for people like CT and Johnny to return to The Challenge there’s also some people who are displeased with some of the lackluster rivalries on the cast. Let’s check out some of the real rivalries that should have shown up.

Dustin & Frank


The fact that Frank is paired with someone like Johnny who he has never met is just silly. Dustin would have been a much better partner for Frank. They had some huge blow-outs on Battle of the Seasons. And if people think Frank and Johnny’s Twitter beef is bad, then they clearly haven’t seen his beef with Dustin. Those two exchanged hate-tweets during almost every episode of Battle of the Seasons. But if production HAD to have Frank and Johnny together, Dustin could have shown up with Mike from his Vegas season. Those two fought a lot during their season, and hadn’t exactly patched things up by the time the reunion rolled around.

Jenn & Cara Maria


Jenn can only be happy if she makes someone else feel like shit, and on Rivals she selected Cara Maria to be her victim. They two had multiple screaming matches during the season, and Jenn threatened to punch Cara multiple times. The two never patched things up, and I’d be surprised if either girl was happy to have the other as her partner.

Adam & Ty


Ty’s partnership with Leroy is another one of those not-so-real rivalries. In fact, their biggest beef stems from that fact that Ty provoked Adam to punch him, leaving Leroy without a partner and jeopardizing his position on the Rivals cast. It would be much more interesting to see Adam with with Ty, because Adam would have no problem confronting Ty’s nonsense behaviors.

Laura & Marie


To be completely honest, I am baffled by the fact that Marie is not on this cast. She has beefs with a lot of people, but her arguing with Laura seems to be a consistent factor during her Real World/ Challenge experience. She constantly criticized Laura’s relationship with Trey during Real World St. Thomas, and during the reunion the boys wanted to pay Laura to punch Marie in the face. Add in the fact that they left Battle of the Seasons on bad terms, and you’ve got a solid rivalry.

Preston & Ryan


While I do think Preston and Knight have some moments of dislike for each other, Preston’s real rival is Ryan from his New Orleans season. Ryan called Preston some not-so-nice and derogatory names and Preston peed on Ryan’s toothbrush which resulted in Ryan calling the cops. While this team does look like a powerhouse-duo, I wouldn’t be surprised if their rivalry was too strong for them to come together and compete.

Coral & Trishelle


Back in The Gauntlet 1/Inferno 1 era, Coral and Trishelle had a real hatred for each other. In fact, Coral said that Trishelle was on of the 4 people on this planet that she hated. Add in the fact that the two of them have a renewed interest in The Challenge, and production may have been able to reunite the two. They may have swept some of their issues under the rug, but they’ve never been able to work as a team. It would be interesting to see them try.

Will & Greg


Real World Hollywood has been drastically underrepresented on Challenges, and Rivals 2 would have been a great time to bring these two back. The two got into such a heated fight that Will had to leave the house for a night to cool down. Ultimately, Greg left his peasant roommates, but it seems likely that these two never established a friendship.

Tori & Camila


On Cutthroat Camila thought it would be cute to vote for Brad to go into the Gulag. Once Tori found out someone was voting her husband in, she freaked out. Tori guaranteed that Camila would be in every subsequent Gulag until she went home. And guess what… Camila did go home. Plus, the red team ultimately won. Tori and Brad won together while a bitter Camila only got to watch the final on TV.

Abe & Adam


It’s hard to remember a time with Abe wasn’t casing after Cara Maria and covered in tattoos. But on 2007/s Viewer Revenge Abe let his temper get the best of him and punched his fellow-Roadie Adam. Abe got the boot from that show, but if the two were able to bury the hatchet I know they’d represent Road Rules well and be a strong team of “rivals.”

Nia & Averey


I like Anastasia and Jessica, but their rivalry has nothing on Nia and Averey’s. These two could have been a strong team if they didn’t fight the whole time. I don’t know why they didn’t show up, but it’s a shame they didn’t because the continuation of their rocky relationship could have been interesting.

Who’d a miss? What other rivalries would you have liked to see?


  1. Dustin/Heather decline being on this challenge.

    Jenn did too.

    Marie decline too, plus she is friend with Laura now.

    Ryan Leslie decline too.

    Greg/Adam Royers are banned on MTV/BMP. Adam damage BMP/MTV relationship with Hard rock according to Cara Maria and Greg didn’t even attend Real World Hollywood reunion.

    Coral is pregnant according to Joi/Nia.

    1. I know some people declined like Jenn. Dustin and Heather are on Couple’s Therapy, so they weren’t available.

      How do you like Ryan L. declined…or was even asked?

      And I have heard that Adam was “banned” but CT was also “banned” for a time too. Plus, he appeared on Rivals 1 after The Real World, so IDK why him damaging the Hard Rock would be the reason he got banned

      1. I am assuming they asked Ryan Leslie for this one… since he was asked to be on the first Rivals and Battle of the seasons. He wrote that he declined both in his twitter, if you look through his timeline you will noticed those tweets.

        CT didn’t damaged MTV relationship with no one. BMP casted Adam/Nany for exes they even took the tests, but according to Cara Maria once MTV saw him on it they told BMP to drop him.

  2. I actually would have loved to see coral with Evelyn instead of trishelle,and if we’re going old school Kaia and amaya from RW Hawaii.I always wonder what kaia had against her,tonya and veronica would be great!! would davis and tyrie count even though they made up?.Stephen and Nathan from RW Seattle apparently don’t like each other. julie and veronica or julie and coral or julie and melissa etc. ooh what about veronca and rachel i heard they aren’t friends anymore don;t follow the challenges to closely now a days so i can’t really name any recent ones, I like the old ones more.

    1. Those people are in their mid-30’s or later and have probably moved on with their lives

  3. Nia and Avery were picked but nia needed to work on her book
    Also Trey and Brandon were going to be q pair but due to Brandon’s drug use they denied him plus Latoya got mad when she was not picked so I think it was Laura and her after Maries job got in the way

    1. “her book” okay, girl doesn’t even have a talent rep. no one wants her sorry psycho ass. Sure, she’d make for a lot of insane fighting, but if social media is any indication perhaps mtv is trying to steer away from serious mental issues and trying to focus on bullshit drama.

  4. If they have a 3rd season of Rivals, they should have a male/female partner.
    That would be interesting.
    Nia & Jordan, or Nia & Johnny
    Frank & Nanny, Nanny & Knight
    Ayiiia & Joey (RW Cancun)
    Wes & Cara Maria
    Camilla & Eric (Fresh Meat), just to name a few.

    1. Yeah I agree, a male-female rivals would be really fun. Evelyn-Kenny, Marie-Trey (or Derek, or anyone), Frank-Sam, Big Easy-Laurel (or Camila), Jordan-Jessica, many more. Plus some of them would probably have hate-sex, which would be fun.

  5. If they had Trey and Brandon that would be worse Brandon looks like he wasn’t in good shape and his smoking and drug use means he can’t run as good

    1. Brandon is a ugly drug addict who supports school shootings how the hell did he get picked he is freaking hideous !!”

  6. not to be super depressing, but Veronica’s baby died right after it was born. and tonya will never do another challenge after what happened to her on the island. I’m guessing that Kenny and Evan were banned from the show after that went to court, too.

    1. What happened to Veronica was very sad, but she recently said she’d consider doing a challenge if Rachel was there. I also think Kenny & Evan might be allowed back but only 1 without the other at a time.

    2. That’s really horrible about Veronica. I don’t think we will ever see Tonya again, she looked pretty unstable on the Ruins even before Kenny/Evan did or didn’t do whatever they allegedly did or didn’t do. We’ve seen Kenny hosting random after shows, preview shows and Hurricane Sandy relief commercials (which might be produced by MTV and not Bunim Murray, though I’m not sure) and Evan did some random appearances on Battle of the Seasons mtv.com commentaries (again, maybe just produced by MTV), but yeah I’d be surprised to actually see them invited to do a challenge again.

      Evan said on his podcast that he was contacted to check his availability for Rivals 2, but I’m not sure how much I believe him. He later said he and Kenny “are nothing more than fans of the show these days” or something like that. Given the cast of Battle of the Seasons, where both of them would normally have been obvious choices for the Fresh Meat team, (though the timing of bringing them as a replacement team may have been a factor too) and the fact that Johnny, Wes and CT are on Rivals 2 but Kenny and Evan are not, it looks like Bunim Murray is done with those guys.

  7. if there were a rivals 3 my teams would include
    Kina and Svetlana (they hated each other on duel 1)
    Coral and Julie (Inferno with “I don’t wrestle I f,,ken beat bitches up”)
    Abe and Adam (The Roadrules fight was CRAZY)
    Tina and Beth (punch in the face)
    Theo V and Alton ( On the Gauntlet Theo told Alton to “Help Irulan Pack”)
    Robin and Dan (on the Island Robin supposidly called Dan a “Limp dick” and he said “your dead to me”)
    Steven and Irene (who slaps a chick in the face???)

  8. I love that in the Adam/Ty gif, Laurel is just standing there, and all of the sudden, Theresa just pops up and grabs her! Lol!!!

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