Fakest Rivals

Looking back at the casts of the past 2 Rivals seasons, we’ve seen some heated rivals forced to work together. We’ve also seen some people who are barely Rivals work together. Let’s check out some of the worst Rivals pairings.

Paula & Evelyn


Paula really lucked out on Rivals 1. Her supposed hatred for Ev stemmed from the fact that Johnny and Kenny chose Evelyn to be in their final boat on The Island. Paula had no loyalty to Ev, so Ev didn’t do anything with the direct intention of screwing Paula over. Paula got bumped from the winning boat for Ev, but it was really only because of Johnny and Kenny’s approval.

Leroy & Ty


Remind me when these two fought? They may not like each other, but there’s no real rivalry between the two of them. They’re just lucky they made it onto the challenge.

Theresa & Camila


Once upon a time on Cutthroat Theresa decided to create some fake drama to psych out Camila prior to her Gulag. Camila did yell, but she also won that Gulag. After returning to the house the two lived civilly and Theresa created fake drama elsewhere.

Brandon & Ty


Let’s be honest. Ty pushes everyone’s buttons. Brandon was one of the people who responded and had his fight aired on TV. They may no like each other, but Brandon’s dislike for Ty is not unique. A few others could have filled Brandon’s shoes on Rivals 1.

Nany & Jonna


MTV can’t even find footage to support this one. These girls supposedly dislike each other and have gotten in fights somewhere along the line. Fact of the matter is: Both girls have stronger rivals who they could have been paired with.

Frank & Johnny


If Twitter was Frank’s toilet, it’d always be clogged. He tweets shit all day, and one day that shit was directed at Johnny. Their 140 character beef is not surprising, but their Rivals pairing is.

Sarah & Katelynn


Katelynn went with “the mob” and voted Sarah into the Exile on Fresh Meat 2. Sarah expressed that she was displease with this choice, and BOOM! They’re now considered Rivals. Perhaps not the friendliest exchange, but the two have a very civil background with each other.

Dunbar & Tyrie


At least Johnny and Frank know they dislike each other! Dunbar had no idea that Tyrie disliked him. In fact,they appeared on Battle of the Exes together without any problems. Some “rivals” they are…

Who do you think is the worst Rivals paring ever?


9 thoughts on “Fakest Rivals

    • Not to mention the fact that Paula was in an alliance with Bananas and Kenny and Ev targeted Bananas that entire season

  1. What is the Diem/Aneesa beef all about? I’ve seen everything since Gauntlet 3, so it must be pretty old.

    • It was on The Duel 1, prior to The Gauntlet 3. Basically, Aneesa told Diem that should would not vote her into The Duel because she was so sure Diem would win the day’s challenge and receive immunity. Well, Diem lost and Aneesa did send her into the Duel. So they fought.

      • Fair enough, that’s probably only the 5th lamest beef this season. That happened 7 years ago on a season you can’t even find on mtv.com anymore, but I suppose any reason to get Diem onto the show is probably a good one, and at least they both remember it and it wasn’t a twitter beef.

        Also, do you have any tips on where to find (really) old seasons? The oldest I could find on Hulu and/or mtv.com is Gauntlet 3.

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