Reasons You Have to Watch Rivals 2 Tonight!

In case you have any doubts, I want to remind you why you need to watch the Rivals 2 premier tonight.


1. For the challenges! Of course, this season guarantees some intense challenges.

2. For the fights. If the trailer is any indicator, there will be lots of fighting this season. In fact, it looks like fists will fly this season… if that’s your cup of tea.

3. People will hook up. Lots of people. If you like slutty behavior, this season guarantees to feed your hunger.

4. CT is back! We can see if he really has what it takes to win, or if he’s forever destined to be a loser.

5. Exes will be in the same house. If you like CT & Diem, Zach & Jonna, Tyrie & Jasmine, or Paula & Dunbar then you’re lucky enough to see them squeezed into one house. They might kill each other, or they might kiss each other.

6. Rivals were be forced to work together, but you should have been able to guess that from the name.

7. Decade-old hatred will resurface. If you watched The Real World in 2002/2003 then you’ll be happy to see Aneesa & Trishelle not enjoy each other’s company.

8. Clothing is optional. Thailand is hot, so people will likely take layers off.

9. Some one quits in the first episode!! Who will it be? Will s/he be replaced? You’ll have to watch to find out.

10. Oh, and TJ is back. Obviously.


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