Rivals 2

Rivals 2: Top Moments from the Premier

As I have done for past seasons, rather than giving basic recaps of each episode of Rivals 2 I am going to highlight the top moments in each episode. If you have not seen the episode, I recommend watching it online…or better yet catch a rerun… because my top moments will spoil the episode.

For the first episode I’m going to include the top 8 moments, but for a typical 60-minute episode I’ll just do have 5 moments.

So let’s go…

8. Thailanded


The cast arrives in Phuket, Thailand! Upon entering “The Jungle” the cast learns that they are competing in Rivals 2. TJ explains that cast members will have to work with their worst enemy, or at least someone they’ve blocked on Twitter. Despite this shocking news, some people actually cheered with excitement when discovering that they’ve been paired with a strong cast member (I’m looking at you, Paula). Other were less happy.

7.Seize the Diem


Diem reveals that she has once again overcome ovarian cancer, an situation she was in while competing on The Duel. That was also the challenge where she first met CT and began dating him. After a night of partying, CT and Diem meet in the pool and CT tells Diem to lose the wig. She doesn’t until CT convinces her by promising a kiss once the wig comes off. Diem takes the wig off, and sparks fly between the two once again.

6. Partner Bonding


The first challenge rolls around! For this challenge, challengers are suspended in the air and their partner must just into his/her arms for 15 seconds. After each heat, the jumping distance increases. Paula and Emily win for the girls, but no one really cares because it’s a men’s elimination day. For the guys, Tyrie and Dunbar come in dead last earning a spot in The Jungle. The winning male team is Trey and Zach who earn immunity from The Jungle.

5. Veterans Playing Like Rookies


CT tries to gather enough votes to send Frank and Johnny into The Jungle. Johnny is shocked, claiming he’s never seen a veteran make such a dumb move. While Johnny takes this personally, Frank seizes this opportunity to declare war with CT and Wes.

4. Girl Power!


During the vote for the second male team, TJ drops a surprise twist. After all the girls have voted he reveals that ONLY girls will vote for the second male team in The Jungle (men will vote for females teams on girl days). Despite his best efforts to get the guys to vote Frank & Johnny into The Jungle, CT’s plan is foiled because the men have no say in the second team in The Jungle so Robb and Derek join Dunbar and Tyrie.

3. No More Naomi


Naomi receives troubling news from home. Her father’s heart is failing and his health is deteriorating. Troubled by the fact that they’re relationship is in a good place, she does not want his to pass away without saying good-bye. So, with the support of her teammate Cooke, she decides to go home. Fortunately, Cooke finds out that she will receive a replacement teammate…next episode.

2. On the Wings of Love


Despite rekindling an old flame with Diem, CT expresses interest in rookie Anastasia. He flirts with her all day and they later make out in a closet. Diem doesn’t express jealousy because she believes CT is doing this as part of his game. Jessica expresses that she is upset with her partner and then applies lipstick.

1. Wild in the Jungle


The two teams in The Jungle compete in a game called “Last Chance,” which is just a partnered version of “Hall Brawl” from Battle of the Seasons. Surprisingly, Tyrie does his part of restraining Robb. Dunbar, however, is not as quick as Derek and cannot ring his bell before Derek. Dunbar and Tyrie lose, and it was really Dunbar’s fault. Tyrie is very frustrated that he lost, but Dunbar doesn’t seem to care. He blames his partner, even though he really lost the elimination.

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