Rivals 2

Should CT & Diem Get Back Together?

Here we go… the question that has been on our minds since episode 1. What is the deal with CT & Diem? Are the flirting for show? Is there something there? What about other girls like Anastasia? Well, it seems like everything is going to make some more sense after tonight’s episode.


But I want to know if other people think they should get back together. Truthfully, I am conflicted on the issue.

On The Duel 2, CT was mad at Diem for wanting to put her career first. Diem said in 5 years she would be ready for commitment. Well, The Duel 2 was filmed in 2008. Rivals 2 was filmed in 2013. It has been 5 years. But just because Diem may be in a place in her life where she’s ready to commit, that doesn’t mean it has to be with CT.

The past few times we saw CT on a challenge, he had a girl he expressed some interest in. But Diem is the only one he was committed to. I know that their past is rocky but there’s a part of me that loves seeing them together. When things were going well in their relationship (The Duel/The Gauntlet 3) they seemed so perfect for each other. Even though they’re no longer together, I can’t help but feel that they are still a good team who knows how to handle each other.

What do you think?

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