Rivals 2 Episode 8: Top 5 Moments

Last night we saw friends stab each other in the back, exes irritate each other, and trapeze stunts over water. Let’s check of the best of the episode.

1. The Shade in Thailand


Frank and Jonna are friends, on the show and outside of the show. They both live in LA and love to talk shit about other cast members. While at the club, Frank expresses his frustrations with the new kids on the challenge, such as Nany and Jemmye (who debuted on Battle of the Seasons with him). He specifically makes a point to insult Jemmye calling her the ugliest bitch to ever be cast on The Real World. Jemmye overhears Frank’s comments and rather than confront him, she gets mad at Knight for not defending her.

2. The Camilanator


Jemmye and Knight continue to argue because of Frank’s comments. Knight is dismissive and doesn’t care about Jemmye’s expectations of him. Camila yells at him to wake up and be attentive. Johnny butts in, and says not to talk to her because she’s crazy. This causes Camila to lose her shit and become crazy. Similar to Battle of the Exes, she starts screaming at Johnny and wants to attack him. Three people have to hold her back, and Camila expresses that she has always had Johnny’s back so he should not be calling her out. Eventually Camila calms down, but nothing is resolved between her and Johnny.

3. Cirque de Thailand


In the Swingers challenge, cast members had to swim a lap in the ocean. However, they could use a trapeze to advance farther without swimming. The longer you could hang on, the less swimming you would have to do. Cara Maria and Cooke go first, and Cara Maria falls really badly. She has a hard time swimming, and earns her team a spot in last. Two male teams disqualify because Marlon and Preston can’t handle the current. CT and Wes do complete the mission faster than any other male team, while Jemmye and Camila come in first for the girl. This is the first time that Emily and Paula are even options to be sent into The Jungle… not that enough people will vote for them.

4. A Friend in Needs is a Friend in The Jungle


Frank is in a terrible position. Cooke and Cara Maria are automatically going into The Jungle. Camila and Jemmye are immune from The Jungle. The only other team he will vote for is Jonna and Nany. He tells Jonna before the vote, but she isn’t happy. They promised that they would have each other’s backs, but Frank went back on this promise and voted her in.

5. Snapped Away


Once again, we see a familiar Jungle: Snapper. In the first heat, Cooke is facing Nany. Cooke is prepared to go ninja-status on Nany while Nany looks like she’s conducting an orchestra. Of course, Cooke wins the first heat. Then Cara Maria faces Jonna. Once again, the red team wins the heat, meaning Cooke and Cara Maria have won another Jungle. Now Jonna and Nany are banished from Thailand!


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