Real World Chicago

Throwback: Real World Chicago Reacts to 9/11

It’s kind of hard to believe that it has been 12 years since the attacks of September 11, 2001. Most people can recall exactly where they were during that time and for the Chicago cast it was in their Real World house.

This video shows the genuine reactions of 7 people when they first heard of the attacks. I think anyone in the Real World house knows that a major event is occurring when production allows them to watch TV but I doubt anyone was able to prepare for the heartbreaking images they viewed.

This clip also shows the sense of community that started to form after the attacks. For the Chicago cast it was meeting the neighbors, but simple acts of kindness became more common around the entire nation.

I think this clip demonstrates the beauty of a show like The Real World because BMP/MTV were able to capture the reactions of regular people to a national disaster. When I watch a clip like this I am able to recall the fear and lack of understanding that I experienced when I heard of the attacks.

And on a less somber note, this is what Aneesa looked like 12 years ago. You can compare this to what she looks like on tonight’s episode of Rivals 2.

Also, if the YouTube clip ever stops working, please leave a comment so I can edit the post. Thanks!


  1. Wasn’t this reaction set up though? Didn’t the cast really find out while doing a photo shoot and were later put in front of a TV and told to act like it was the first time they heard about the attacks?

  2. I’ve heard that. It really would have been impossible to prevent them from hearing this info.

    But I think seeing the video for the first time evoked some emotions in the cast. I still feel these are genuine reactions to the events, even if they did know what was happening.

  3. I think there’s a difference between hearing it and seeing the horrifying images. I’m sure their reactions were genuine, even if they heard of the events before hand. For me, talking about 9/11 doesn’t bring me to tears but watching actual footage does. Say out loud “Planes crashed into the Twin Tower” and then watch the footage of those events. Different reacts.

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