Rivals 2

Rivals 2 Episode 10: Top 5 Moments

This episode was called True Colors, but it was really just the Diem saga. Let’s check out the top 5 moments.

1. I See Your True Colors


This week’s challenge was named True Colors but it was really just extreme Simon. Only the girls competed, because the 3 remaining male teams are already in the Jungle. The teams had to run a mile on the beach to memorize a color pattern, then run a mile back and regurgitate that pattern using plates. The slowest team went into the Jungle and the fastest 2 teams competed in a championship round to determine the winner. Cooke and Cara Maria won both rounds, securing a spot in the final, while Diem and Aneesa came in dead last securing a spot in the last Jungle, which is also their first Jungle of the season.

2. Save Me CT


After losing, Diem is shocked that CT and Wes never approached her to ask who she wanted to compete against. Finally, she approaches them. CT explains that Diem previously stated that she wanted to compete against the stronger team in a situation such as this. However, when Diem said that she was so confident that Cooke and Cara Maria would not be safe and she now wants to compete against Camila and Jemmye.

3. Rookie Power


When voting the final team into the last Jungle, CT and Wes vote in Paula and Emily. However, Johnny and Frank remain loyal to the team and vote in Jemmye and Camila. The rookie team becomes the swing vote. Despite the fact that Emily and Paula have voted in Marlon and Jordan multiple times, they decided to keep the safe from the Jungle, mostly because Jordan respects the fact that they have performed so well.

4. Backstabbed and Bitter


Diem got the team she wanted to compete against her in the final Jungle, but Camila is not happy. She considered Diem and friend and is upset by the fact that she was never told that Diem wanted to compete against her. They start to argue and Camila is confident that she can kick Diem’s ass if she has to. Then Jemmye chimes in, calling Diem fake and a liar. Diem begins to bicker with Jemmye but walks away. Then Cooke decides to put in her two cents and jump on the Diem bashing bandwagon. While the argument is never resolved, not that is really could be, Jemmye and Cooke are glad that Diem’s true colors are getting exposed.

5. What’s Love Got to Do With It?


Diem ignored warning from other cast members that CT was playing her, and she finally confronts him for voting in Paula and Emily. CT is really dismissive of Diem’s arguing because he didn’t vote her into the Jungle and he claims this is just a game. Plus, Jemmye and Camila have been loyal to him so he didn’t want to vote that team in. Despite CT’s attempts to defend himself, Diem is still upset with him.


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