Challenge: Free Agents

Challenge 25: Pure Speculation

Alright guys. It looks like the filming of the next challenge isn’t too far away. And with all of the tidbits of information floating around, I think I can start speculating some of the cast.

This is NOT a spoiler post. The people mentioned here have indicated that they’ve been contacted about the challenge or taken some steps to prepare for a challenge. I did not just pull these names out of my ass because I want them on the challenge.

If you have some information you’d like to share please comment below or e-mail me at the address listed on my about page. I’d also like to give credit to the fine folks on entertainingreality and vevmo for keeping their eyes peeled. Thank you to everyone who has helped!

So get ready…



Nia (Real World Portland)- Has hinted multiple times that fans would be seeing her again soon.

Cohutta (Real World Sydney)- Took a trip to NYC, specifically mentioned a doctor appointment.

Laurel (Fresh Meat 2)- Has expressed interest. Hinted at doing another challenge on Twitter.

Ashley (Real World San Diego)- Expressed interest. Hinted at seeing Laurel on Oct. 17 in Los Angeles (possible departure day?)

Eric (Fresh Meat)- Said he’d be out of the country in mid October.

Theresa (Fresh Meat 2)- Took a quick trip to LA, possibly for medical testing.

Dustin (Real World Las Vegas)- Took a quick trip to LA, possibly for medical testing.

Jessica (Real World Portland)- Was in NYC, possible for medical testing.

Averey (Real World Portland)- Took a trip to New York.

Baya (Real World Brooklyn)- Took a quick trip to NYC.

LaToya (Real World St. Thomas)- Took a trip to NYC.

Jasmine (Real World Cancun)- Took a quick trip to NYC around the time of the Rivals 2 reunion.

Dunbar (Real World Sydney)- Tyrie expressed anger over production wanting him back.

Johnny Bananas (Real World Key West)- Mentioned being at a Manhattan doctor.

Kellyanne (Real World Sydney)- In the States after a trip to Europe. En route to LA.

Probably Not On

Derek (Real World Cancun)- Running a 5k in late October.

Mark (Road Rules First Adventure)- Promoting his product Pocket Protein in late October.

Sarah (Real World Brooklyn) – Said she’d be in school during filming time.

Tyrie (Real World Denver)- Seemingly upset because he was not contacted about this challenge.


Cooke (Real World Las Vegas)- Currently playing soccer in The Philippines, but would be back in the states for a few weeks in mid-October into November. Presumably around the time the Challenge is filming.

Emilee (Real World Cancun)- Has expressed a strong interest in doing another challenge.

CJ (Real World Cancun)- Was in NYC briefly, but he models and travels a lot so it could just be a coincidence.

Wes (Real World Austin)- Says he has one more challenge left in him.

Devyn  (Real World Brooklyn)- Seems interested. Lives in New York, so it’s hard to tell if she’s going for tests.

Robin (Real World San Diego)- Expressed strong interest

Susie (Road Rules Australia)- Said “see you soon” on a podcast with TJ. Suspicious tweets. Mentioned in the past that having a friend like Kellyanne on the challenge would help persuade her to go back (not that Kellyanne is confirmed).

Zach (Real World San Diego)- Mentioned that he sees himself continuing doing the challenges.

Jemmye (Real World New Orleans)- Currently has “meetings” in NYC, but is also in school.


  1. With this list so far I would be happy with Nia, Cohutta, Laurel, Ashley, Theresa, Dustin, Jessica, Averey, Dunbar, Cooke, CJ, Robin and Wes. I don’t know how I feel about Baya, Jemmye, Emilee, Devyn and Johnny. Not looking forward to Eric, LaToya and Jasmine.

    I also heard possibly a Brandon and Kellyanne.

    I was also hoping for a Duel 3 but not sure how I would feel about that with this cast. Would definitely want Mark, Derrick, Darell, Emily, Jordan, Sarah, Cara Maria and others for a Duel.

  2. plzplzplz kellyanne nd laurel, add some evelyn nd cara maria to the mix and we got an awesome challenge, if we add rachel (old rachel) then its perfect

      1. @Anonymous No it’s not. All these comments are from you. The icons are all the same and the icon comes with whatever email you type in.

      2. EVERY Anon has the same icon just look at every post with a anon not just on this post there is no difference between the icons for anon

  3. No, Kenny can still do challenges, he just wants more money to be on it. He says that he hates the environment and they’re not paying him enough.

  4. He’s bullshitting you and everyone because he knows he can’t flat out say he’s banned so he come’s up with that shit to cover up, it’s pathetic in my opinion, the guy should just say he’s retired and be done with it.

  5. Kenny is not banned from the Challenges. Him and Evan both did Rivals after the Tonya lawsuit dropped. Also, check out Bus Driver’s Route Youtube channel. He has interviews with Kenny and a lot of other Challenge competitors. Kenny gives a great interview explaining how badly MTV/BunimMurray treats its cast members.

    1. I’m not sure if Kenny & Evan are truly banned, but I do know that there are various people who need to approve cast members before they appear on the show. So, conceivably, Kenny could receive an availability call but then production would choose to no longer pursue him as a cast member because other individuals in the casting process disapprove of him being on the challenge.

      Also, Rivals 1 was filmed before the allegations really surfaced and were taken to court. I do remember that being a concern in the trial because it occurred so long after filming of The Ruins ended.

      1. V1man said Kenny won’t be back he is a insurance liability besides nobody wants to be with a rapist

  6. I don’t know about Emilee (Cancun). According to Derrick Kosinski’s podcast (around the time that the original “Rivals” aired in 2011), she apparently was banned from all Bunim-Murray productions after some social media ranting that she did after Cutthroat. Here’s the podcast link: (mentioned from 12:00 – 14:15).

    1. Obviously, she is not…Her sister posted that she is leaving the country tomorrow and she hopes that she comes back on December 1st…Exactly 6 weeks from now Final time lol

  7. what about leroy? some blogs claimed to have heard he was on this season, he also hasn’t tweeted for about 14 hours.

  8. Where did you get information that Tyrie was expressing his dissapopintment about production asking him to be back on the challenge?

      1. can you give me a link and the date whne tyire said this? or can you just give me Tyrie’s exact words when he was mad he didn’t get a call.

      2. I’ll try when I get home. If I recall correctly he was upset because production seemingly contacted Dunbar about this Challenge. Of course, Dunbar might have never even been considered so I may have misinterpreted his tweet.

        I think I have a screen shot of the tweet. I feel bad for Tyrie though. Dunbar screwed him over (and bragged about it) and he clearly wanted to be on this Challenge. I think he would have done well in the eliminations they’ve had so far this season.

      3. what do you think would have happened if Tyrie whooped Dunbar’s ass on the spot in the middle of the jungle. or at least attempted too?

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