How Successful Are The Challenges?

A new season of The Challenge and The Real World are definitely in our future, so I wanted to look at just how successful the shows are compared to other shows on MTV.

If you read my blog religiously, which I hope you do, you know I post ratings every week. Each week, The Real World/Challenge goes up against powerhouse shows like Duck Dynasty, South Park, Honey Boo Boo, among others. However, I think it’s important to look at how the shows stack up against other MTV shows.

So here are the season averages of some recent shows on MTV. I’m only looking at overall viewership, not ratings in the 18-49 demo. So the numbers listed represent viewership in millions among all demographics.

Show (viewers in millions)

Teen Wolf Seasons 3 (1.91)

Catfish Season 2* (1.91)

Snooki & J. Woww Season 2  (1.73)

Ridiculousness Season 3 (1.51)

Rivals 2 (1.47)

Teen Mom 3* (1.41)

Awkward Seasons 3A (1.29)

Battle of the Seasons (1.09)

Real World Portland (0.96)

The Show With Vinny (0.66)

Big Tips Texas* (0.62)

* average for season so far, show still airing

As you can see, Rivals 2 did well and brought in more viewers than Battle of the Seasons. On the other hand, The Real World really needs to improve.

Hopefully the next season of The Challenge can at least maintain the ratings that Rivals brought in. And Real World San Francisco better see a considerable improvement over Portland. As you can see, MTV currently has no show that can really compete with other cable mega-hits like Walking Dead or Duck Dynasty, so The Challenge is certainly on par with the network’s standards.

Just wanted to make this post of those interested in ratings.


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