Top 10 Best Challenge Costumes

Sometimes challengers have to dress up to compete. Most of the time, they just dress up because they want to. To get in the Halloween spirit, let’s check out some of the best (and worst) costumes The Challenge has seen.

10. The Stripping Gentlemen (Battle of the Seasons)


Was anyone really surprised Zach and Frank brought pink Speedos to Turkey for Battle of the Seasons? No, but we were a little surprised that they were so comfortable wearing them.

9. Bridesmermaids (Battle of the Sexes)


The girls who celebrated Puck’s wedding decided to skip the regular wedding attire and decided to used Jamaican plants to dress up at mermaids. Unsurprisingly, Aneesa had hair pieces to compliment her costume.

8. Abe Bears All (Cutthroat Reunion)


To promote his children’s book, Abe dressed up as a polar bear during the Cutthroat reunion. It was a crazy concept, but nothing out of the ordinary for Cara Maria.

7. Adam Darrell the Pimp (The Inferno)


Darrell decided to bring his pimp fro to Mexico for The Inferno, but he ended up looking more like Adam King.

6. Jungle of Exes (Battle of the Exes)

the.challenge.bote.2204-yestv.avi_000197030 cat the.challenge.bote.2204-yestv.avi_000253378

The Battle of the Exes cast decided to dress up as jungle animals. Cara Maria was a zebra, Paula was a lion, Robin was a…vampire? Well, I guess some people didn’t get the memo.

5.My Ninjas (The Gauntlet 3)


The costume party on The Gauntlet 3 was a free-for-all, but the stand out costumes were the Ninjas. After Rivals 2 the cast should know to never trust men in ninja costumes, but the Gauntlet 3 cast had less to worry about.

4. Toga! Toga! Toga! (Rivals & Battle of the Seasons)

Screenshot_4 0

The Rivals cast celebrated their last day in Costa Rica by dressing up in togas, but they weren’t the first to use this costume. The Battle of the Seasons cast resorted to a toga party when Hurricane Julliette shut down production.

3. Chickens With Their Heads On (The Inferno)


On The Inferno the cast was required to wear chicken suits for a challenge. A big chicken costume + running + Mexican heat= sweating and humor.

2. VH1 on MTV (The Duel 2)


The Duel 2 cast threw a raging Halloween party, but my favorite costume from the extravaganza was Rachel and Mark’s Rock of Love 2 costume, with Mark as Bret Michaels and Rachel was Megan (fully equipped with a fake Lily dog)!

1. The Best Party Host (The Inferno 3)


And the winner of the costume contest goes to Susie from The Inferno 3, dressing up as none other than TJ Lavin himself! We saw lost of costumes on The Inferno 3 (including Janelle as a pirate and Johnny as a porn star) but Susie’s TJ costume is spot-on! She killed it!


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