Rivalries That Have Just Gotten Stronger

Competing on Rivals is not a guarantee for relationship therapy. While many teams leave on good terms, others leave in a worse place than they began. I know it has been a while since Rivals 2 ended, but I figured it would be a good time to check out the Rivals pairing that benefited the least from the show.

5. Wes & Kenny


Wes and Kenny managed not to kill each other during the filming of Rivals, but make no mistake, they are far from best friends. Neither of them will hesitate to shit on the other, but at one point during the filming of their season each guy had to rely on his partner. I think Wes and Kenny will always be enemies, which is a shame because they’re a great team when they can work together.

4. Sarah & Trishelle


Sarah and Trishelle seem to be polar opposites, but they seemed to work well during the first two episodes of Rivals 2. Until Trishelle left and Sarah had to leave as well. I haven’t seen any interaction between the two since, but I can’t imagine their relationship being improved by these events.

3. Sarah & Katelynn


Coming into Rivals this rivalry seemed like a stretch, but after watching these two compete together it became apparent that they aren’t as compatible as I thought. Sarah’s competitive nature was not intended to work with someone like Katelynn who approaches her fears with hesitation. Ultimately, this lead to conflict and one girl blaming the other. After they were eliminated, it became clear that there was a tension that existed and remained between the two girls.

2. Tyrie & Dunbar


Dunbar didn’t even know that there were any problems between himself and Tyrie, but once he found out that they’d be teammates he ensured that there would be problems. He called Tyrie a bottom tier competitor, and seemingly messed up their elimination round. Now that filming is over, Dunbar doesn’t hesitate to tell people that he threw the elimination round because he knew he couldn’t win with Tyrie as a partner. Of course, this doesn’t sit well with Tyrie and their relationship has gone downhill since filming has ended.

1. Evan & Nehemiah


Despite the fact that he was semi out of shape on Rivals, Evan would seem like the type of person you’d want to be paired with. But tensions with his partner Nehemiah didn’t seem to improve during filming. Evan questioned Nehemiah’s intentions for being on the show and Nehemiah wasn’t fond of Evan and his friends. Things took a turn for the worse when Evan volunteered Nehemiah into the Jungle by throwing a challenge. Nehemiah was mad, but willing to compete. Unfortunately, Evan was (literally) not able to pull his own weight in the Jungle and the team lost.


  1. I sure miss Evan and Kenny on these challenges. Are they forbidden to be on another challenge? Does it have something to do with the lawsuit from Tanya? If you could shed any light on this, it would be much appreciated! Maybe even an new blog post?

    1. I really don’t know the answer to this questions, but to my understanding they are not banned. However, they are considered a major insurance liability and would be expensive to have on a challenge.

      I guess time will tell. I can tell you that both of them have been contacted about challenges.

  2. Jonna and Jasmine rivalry

    1. Argue a lot on Rivals2
    2. Jonna screwed Jasmine on Battle of the seasons
    3. Jasmine had an argument with Jonna about Jordan.

    1. True! I considered including them, but they seemed to leave Rivals on good terms. They seem to be in a better place now than they were prior to Rivals, despite the fact that they aren’t the closest of friends.

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