5 Craziest Challenge Seasons

Planning a challenge is like planning a party. You can buy all the alcohol in the world, invite only the best people, but you can’t plan the drama and you can’t plan the group dynamic. Sometimes all of the people people show up for a challenge and the season ends up being laid-back (I’m looking at you Battle of the Sexes 2). Other times a bunch of atypical cast members are on the cast and the drama is crazy. Let’s check out some of the times that the casts really worked out and put on a great show!

5. Battle of the Seasons


2012’s Battle of the Seasons often gets a bad rap. Yes, it was missing a lot of our beloved veterans, but the season didn’t disappoint drama wise. Here are some of the craziness highlights:

  • Wes going home first, against Big Easy
  • Big Easy’s romance with Devyn, and then quitting when he competed in an Arena against her
  • Knight tossing Nany’s clothes in the pool for no real reason
  • Frank and Dustin’s pool-side blow up
  • Alton’s quest to quit
  • The rookie revolution becoming successful, and Devyn seeing the final

4. The Inferno


The first Inferno served as proof that, with the right cast, smaller challenges can work. Only 8 people were eliminated so there was plenty of time for craziness throughout the season. Here are some crazy memories:

  • Julie tampering with Veronica’s safety harness 100s of feet in the air
  • Coral’s arguing with Trishelle
  • Coral’s arguing with Julie, and threatening to kick her ass with her bosom
  • Veronica introducing the concept of throwing missions
  • Katie winning 2 Infernos, and winning the entire challenge
  • Leah’s budding romance with Darrell

3. Rivals


Pairing cast members with their biggest Rivals was bound to create some waves, but the season definitely caused bigger waves than I anticipated. Here are some memorable moments:

  • Adam and CT having to work together despite CT trying to kill him
  • Adam R. getting kick off for punching Ty
  • Jasmine’s bacony hook-up with Tyrie
  • Leroy and Mike making it to the finals, despite Mike’s lack of athleticism
  • Jasmine & Jonna fighting with Camila because she called them by the wrong names
  • The whole D-Day plan the screwed over Nehemiah
  • Adam’s attempt to woo Jenn, and her insulting him behind his back
  • Wes pour a bottle of “cola” on Cara Maria
  • Laurel’s freak out on Paula
  • Kenny carrying Wes up the mountain, and Wes having to support Kenny in earlier missions

2. The Inferno 2


The bad ass team was filled with some of the baddest people to ever grace The Challenge, and the good guys team was still pretty bad. This challenge was filled with these crazy moments:

  • Julie’s randomly deciding she wanted to preach the Good Word and her new fear of heights
  • Brad’s wedgie
  • Landon almost ripping Derrick’s ear off and then Derrick shaving Landon’s head
  • Tonya talking about her affair with Mark with Beth, who told Robin. Then Tonya throwing Beth’s clothes in the pool
  • Veronica, Rachel, and Tina becoming the mean girls
  • Jodi causing a massive uproar in the house when she revealed her strategy to get Veronica into The Inferno

1. The Ruins


On The Ruins I don’t think people were acting crazy. I literally think they were in need of psychiatric help. Here are some of the crazed moments:

  • Wes wanting to throw every mission to get revenge on his team. Darrell almost fighting Wes because of this.
  • Katie’s plunger freak out
  • Shauvon popping an implant and having to quit because of it
  • Johanna threatening Wes with the deed to his house
  • The Tonya and Veronica fight
  • The Brad and Darrell fight
  • The Challenger team being reduced to only 2 females for the final challenge (who gave the Champions a run for their money).
  • The fact that the Challengers won only 1 mission

What seasons do you think are craziest? Do you agree with me? Or did I miss any?


4 thoughts on “5 Craziest Challenge Seasons

  1. The Inferno moment when Katie thought she was putting on Timmy’s Deodorant but it was his bengay and she starts to freak out.

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