Does Nia Stand a Chance on The Challenge?

Now that we likely have the full cast for Challenge 25, there seems to be a lot of buzz around one rookie… Ms. Nia Moore. We all know that she is no stranger to fighting, but will her real life brawls translate into Challenge success?


Here’s my thoughts:

I think she’ll do well. For starters, she was a college athlete. She trained prior to departure for this Challenge. Plus she’s a bigger girl. Not calling her fat, but she’s taller than average (and therefore weighs more). I think size usually comes as an advantage and I can certainly see her beating a respectable challenger in a physical elimination (for example, I think she’d give Cara Maria a run for her money).

However, I think she’ll be a target. She has already exchanged some unfriendly words with Laurel over Twitter and many members of the Real World/Challenge community are less than excited to have her on a Challenge. Nia may be fighting an uphill battle this season, especially if she resorts to her mental warfare from Portland.

What do you think? Vote in the poll or comment below!


2 thoughts on “Does Nia Stand a Chance on The Challenge?

  1. She’s going to be gone due to her actions. And I don’t mean how she competes, but how she carries herself when not doing challenges. Her actions paired with being a rookie give her quite the hill to climb! Not a doubt in my mind that Laurel will put her in check given the opportunity.

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