Real World Couples Who Were Bound to End Up Exes

Playing on the exes theme for the upcoming Real World season, I’d like to stroll down memory lane and check out some of the previous relationships on The Real World that were doomed from the start. As much as I liked some of these couples, I knew that they weren’t meant to last. Here are some of the Real World relationships that were bound to end in tears!

Brad & Cameran San Diego (2004)


On the outside, Brad and Camera looked like the perfect all-American couple. When you factor in Cameran’s you and naive personality with the fact that Brad was just out of a long term relationship, you’re headed for disaster. Though this relationship didn’t work both Brad and Cameran have been able to date other people and even marry a Road Ruler!

Wes & Johanna Real World Austin


As much as I liked these two when they were together, I think we all knew it was an odd match. Wes was known for her arrogance and groupie drawer during Real World Austin, and Johanna was typically a calmer person who didn’t seem like she’d put up with these antics. The relationship lasted a while, but once The Island and The Ruins aired we all saw where the relationship headed.

Ty & Emily Real World DC


Another odd fit, but there were certainly some traits that were compatible. Just as the relationship was getting good, Emily confessed that it was only a physical relationship and then things went south. They even ended up in a shoving match with each other, and later a plant fight on Cutthroat. Despite their failed relationship, they did make pretty good exes on Battle of the Exes.

Adam & Nany Real World Las Vegas (2011)


Nothing about Adam on RW: Las Vegas said “relationship material.” He did what he wanted and was closed off to the rest of the cast. Still, the physical attraction between him and Nany was apparent. Adam put in a good amount of effort trying to win Nany over, but it never worked out and she resisted his advances, especially after he was booted from the show.

Zach & Ashley Real World San Diego (2011)


There was a part of me that thought these two were perfect for each other, and on The Real World San Diego they spent all of their time together. How were they supposed to last once they were separated by thousands of miles? Though the relationship lasted for a while after the season, by the time these two were competing on Battle of the Seasons they were exes.

Robb & Marie Real World St. Thomas


These two bonded because they had matching “hakuna matata” tattoos- which means “no worries” if you didn’t already know. So how are these two supposed to maintain their worry-free lifestyles in a relationship? Relationships are one of the biggest causes of worries! While the relationship seemed to go well at the beginning of the season, they fizzled toward the end and broke up by the reunion. Luckily for Robb, he was about to find a good match outside of The Real World… he’s now engaged!

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