No Marathon to Air Prior to Real World Explosion?

Around the premier of Real World Portland MTV treated fans of the series to a Retro MTV marathon of 3 seasons (the first New York, San Francisco, and the first Las Vegas). Unfortunately, it looks like fans will not be as lucky this time around. According to schedules on and there will not be any marathons airing on MTV.

I’m a little upset. I feel that MTV has been doing a pretty good job of promoting this season of The Real World so it would be nice to build the hype by airing at least one season.

However, these schedules are not 100% solid. Perhaps things will change?


3 thoughts on “No Marathon to Air Prior to Real World Explosion?

  1. For the next challenge they should show 3 or 4 seasons of the challenges especially since it’s the 25th challenge anniversary. They should show Battle of the Sexes 1, Inferno 2, Freshmeat 1, and Cutthroat.

  2. to the anonymous person above that’d be great but super unlikely … if they do any Challenge marathons before season 25 it’s likely only going to be Rivals 2 or maybe BOTS because 90% of this cast was on those 2 seasons
    Anyways here in Canada MTV just aired the entire Real World Portland season on Saturday the 28th

  3. I’d really love to see Hawaii’s season again. I’d love to watch Amaya obsess over Colin again. LOL. Or maybe Austin since I’ll never get over Danny and Melinda.

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