5 Things I Hope to See in 2014

2014 is right around the corner. I already listed the 10 things to remember in 2013, so now it’s time to list some of the things I want to see in 2014.

1. Reruns


I say this all the time, but The Real World & The Challenge are seriously lacking in reruns. I feel like we get a new episode on Wednesday at 10 PM and the next time MTV airs an episode is the next Wednesday at 10 PM. I’m not expecting MTV to air random marathons of old seasons (I’d love it though), I just want to see reruns of the current seasons so people are able to catch the most recent episode at a time other than Wednesday at 10.

2. Casting Surprises


We already know the cast for Challenge 25, and I think it’s a solid cast, but there are few surprises on it. Once the season following this one begins casting, I want to see some people I wasn’t expecting to see. Old schoolers would be nice, but even newbies from RW DC or RW: New Orleans 2 would be welcomed surprises.

3. Online Content


This seems like a realistic expectation for Real World Explosion. However, Rivals 2 was seriously lacking in bonus content online. I’d like to see something extra online when Challenge 25 starts to air.

4.A New Location


This is a two parter. Firstly, I want to see Real World Season 30 (at least its announcement). Secondly, I’d like to see a new city be used. Atlanta (pictured above) would be a great choice.

5. For The Shows to Be Taken Off Life Support


The fate of The Real World and The Challenge has been quite uncertain during recent seasons. Rivals 2 posted solid ratings, and it would be nice to see ratings continuing to move in a positive direction. When we’re operating on a season-to-season basis production has reason to play it safe when it comes to format and casting. I certainly don’t blame them, but I would like to see them take more chances without major fear of cancellation.

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