The Challenge Free Agents: Top Moments from Episode 1

And we’re back! Another season of The Challenge has begun and that means we’ve got new competitions, new contenders, and new memories. The first episode shocked both the cast and the fans. Let’s check out the top moments from episode 1 on Free Agents.

7. New Country, New Rules


The cast arrives in Uruguay, and TJ greet them to explain the format of the season. Basically, it’s a mix of every previous format… but it’s essentially an individual game. This means that some days we’ll have team challenges, other days we’ll have partner challenges, and other days we’ll have individual challenges. Most importantly, you need to remain safe from elimination by winning the day’s challenge. The cast is shocked by the new format, and for the most part they don’t like it.

6. First Challenge Time!


The cast arrives at the tallest building in Uruguay to compete in the first challenge named Out on a Ledge. This is a team challenge with Nia being selected as the black team captain and Chet being selected the red team captain. This challenge had 3 stages:

  • Stage 1: Six people from each team had to run up 42 flights of stairs to unlock the second stage while tethered together. This turned into a huge clusterfuck where people were trampling over each other.
  • Stage 2: Puzzle time. Just a boring puzzle where 4 people from each team had to fit pieces into squares. The black team really secured a lead here.
  • Stage 3: 4 people from each team had to walk off a plank suspended from the roof of the building then cross a rolling pin in the middle and obtain a flag. Jessica and Cohutta cross for the black team while only Camila crosses successfully for the red. The black team has officially won!

5. Headstrong


While climbing up the stairs in the first stage of The Challenge, LaToya become exhausted. At one point she hits her head on the door because Swift jumped over her. As a result, she fells sick and goes to the hospital. Of course her diagnosis is just “dehydration” like ever other person in Challenge history.

4. Voting Time


The winning team receives the responsibility of voting in one male and one female for elimination. Everyone is looking for scapegoats, but Johnny Bananas suggests voting in strong players to get rid of them early in the game. In the end, the winning team relies on bullshit excuses when making their selections. The majority votes in LaToya because she is a rookie and had to go to the hospital. Then they voted in Chet because he was captain of the losing team.

3. The Draw


We know Chet and LaToya are up for elimination, but the other members of the losing team aren’t off the hook. They have to go through a process called “the draw” where they flip cards hoping to avoid the kill card. In this random process, Jemmye and Frank earn a spot in elimination.

2. The Face of Defeat


The first elimination round is called Balls In, an elimination we saw on The Inferno 2. In this game, each player has five shots to get a ball in a basket while the other player tries to block his opponent. In the male battle, after both Frank and Chet had one change to make a basket, Chet realizes he’s bleeding. He sees medics who diagnose him with dehydration a split chin. Chet decides he doesn’t want to risk hurting his face any further and hands the victory to Frank.

1. No LaToying Around


The female battle is more intense, after LaToya is able to rush past Jemmye and make the first basket. Then Jemmye got her ball in. Then both girls missed. Then both girls got a basket. Then both girls missed again. Basically, on the first round the game was tied 2-2. LaToya made her basket leaving all the pressure on Jemmye. To everyone’s shock, LaToya tackled Jemmye away from the basket. Toya redeemed herself from her hospitalization on the challenge and wins the first elimination round!

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