The Challenge

Entertainment Weekly Reveals Challenge News & Top Moments

Entertainment Weekly recently posted this article to commemorate the series as it embarks on its 25th season with Free Agents. The article discussed 25 of the greats Challenge moments and included commentary from Challenge alum such as: Beth, Darrell, The Miz, Rachel Robinson, Mark Long, Kenny, Johnny Bananas, Sarah, Landon, Susie, Cara Marie, Diem, Abram, Veronica, Frank, Paula, and of course CT. Commentary was also given by Jonathan Murray and TJ Lavin.

It’s definitely an interesting read for Challenge fans, and the article did reveal some exciting news.

SPOILER: The last question the Challengers were ask was their biggest regret. While The Miz insisted that regrets are for losers, Mark stated that this was his biggest regret:


Once again, Mark has realized that his love for The Challenge hasn’t died. As of this article he is busting down the doors of The Challenge Retirement Home and hoping to return for another Challenge victory.

Best of luck Mark, and it was great to hear from all of the Challenge alum!

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