Which Challenger is Hanging Up His Jersey?

Just as a new Challenge starts up, on of the challengers is claiming this will be his last.


This is a long, but well written read where Frank states that he is embarking on new ventures in his life. He also discusses the fact that all people on the show all receive an edit, but there is more depth to each person than the way they’re portrayed on the show.

Whether your love or hate him, The Challenge will be losing a tough competitor.


2 thoughts on “Which Challenger is Hanging Up His Jersey?

  1. I’m impressed with what Frank wrote. I stopped watching the Real World after Paris so my first impression of newer players is through the Challenges. Frank was not likable on the Battle of the Seasons as a result of both his actions and the way in which tape was edited to construct him strictly as a villain. Since then, I feel like he’s been much more conscious about how he treats people which is nice to see. He makes good points here about how the game pressures folks to behave in certain ways and how the show creates characters out of folks. He’s performed well so far this season and I hope that he sticks around both on Free Agents and in future challenges.

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