The Worst Players on the Best Team

When introducing The Challenge Free Agents, TJ mentioned that some people call themselves champions when they were the worst players on the best teams.

At first I felt that must be a dig at someone, but who could it possibly be? There are only 5 champions on the cast. Johnny has won 4 times, so I doubt this comment was directed at him. Camila and CT won pair Challenges where they were instrumental to their victories,and by definition they cannot be the worst on a team of 2. That leaves us with Frank and Zach who were a part of Team San Diego on Battle of the Seasons, so if anything TJ’s comment was directed at Frank. To be honest, Frank deserved his victory on Seasons and was far from the worst player on his team.

Perhaps this comment was directed at no particular person on the cast, but in the past there have been some lucky victors who only crossed the finish line because they were weaklings on a strong team. Let’s check out these people:

bestteamgauntletThe format of The Gauntlet 2 allowed six rookies to skate to the end without ever seeing a Gauntlet. In particular, Ibis made it to the final after messing up on a bunch of missions and never having to fight in a Gauntlet. She was just lucky that her team was filled with other Road Rules Xtremers who had her back the whole time.

The girls on The Inferno 3 had a great strategy of voting Jenn and Susie into every Inferno to avoid having to fight for survival. This let newbie Janelle coast straight to the end after a season filled with mediocre performances.


The Gauntlet 3 was another season where alliances carried people to the end, particularly Johanna and Rachel from Real World Austin. Neither girl ever saw a Gauntlet nor where they particularly helpful in the final. To be honest, the entire rookie team can only call themselves “champion” on a technicality because the veterans were disqualified from the final.


Making to the final on Cutthroat was a little bit more difficult, but Dunbar managed to make it all the way to the end. His team only won because two people on the gray team passed out, and in the end his lackluster performance throughout the season was rewarded with $40,000.


Anyone who watched Fresh Meat 2 knows that Landon literally had to carry Carley across the finish line.

And of course, on Battle of the Seasons Team San Diego dominated the final, despite the fact that they spent many challenges trying to pick up the slack caused by Sam.

Who do you think are the least deserving winners?




  1. On the first Gauntlet Sarah did terrible in the missions but gave one of the best female performances in challenge history by winning 5 eliminations. Two of which were males.

    Also on the first inferno Katie was the worst Road Ruler on the team but gave a lot of heart when her team tried to vote her off. Winning two eliminations, one being a male also made her the inferno queen.

    Even though Paula was the winner of both Rivals, both of those challenges seemed rigged in her favor by giving her Evelyn and Emily. Both of which did almost all the work to win the immunities and prizes. The frenemies challenge on Rivals 2 was mentioned that contestants were giving signs to each other and that’s how Paula won that challenge.

    1. Firstly, Paula pulled her weight on both Rivals. She was paired with stellar athletes, but both of them has attested to the fact that she pulled her weight and then some. I would say her victory was earned.

      Here’s the thing with Sarah and Katie: both sucked in challenges, especially Katie. Sarah eliminated 5 Real World players, including some good ones. Katie eliminated David and Julie who have potential to be strong cast members (though the Inferno wasn’t their best showings). I think their contributions by eliminating solid competitors weakened the opposing teams and was a solid contribution to their teams. So I deem them somewhat worthy of their wins.

      1. Paula did not deserve any of the wins in the Rival challenges imo. If she would have been paired with anyone else (than the absolute best girls in the whole challenge history) she would not have won and most likely not even gone to the finals. She is not a good competitor, she can run, which is good in a final, but that’s it. And ofc when you are paired with a strong player that also can support you and cheer you on, it’s a lot easier to perform good, then if you would have a bad player paired with you. Paula is a wreck and without the psychological help from Emily she would have broken down and probably start crying through the whole season. And she has a real nasty personality as well which makes her less deserving imo. Always tries to play the victim, even when she is the bully.

    1. agreed. sarah was always one of my favorites, too. after initially being skeptical, rachel even said that she felt sarah had changed and was pulling her weight.

  2. I don’t think the Gauntlet 3 “Winners” should be on the list because they won by default, not by skill. Dunbar was easily the weakest on Cutthroat, not sure why anyone has any faith in his skills or how he plays the game.

  3. I’ve always considered Tori, who managed to end up with two victories as one of the least deserving winners. A mediocre player who always whined and cried whenever her team even considered putting her up for elimination. Also basically got her second win just as a result of being with Brad.

    1. It’s hard to justify calling any of Gauntlet 3 rookies “deserving,” but from that team she did pretty well. There are definitely less deserving people on that team.

      On Cutthroat, her and Brad pretty much dominated the voting on the team. Were they nice? Not really, but that IS a strategy, and it pays off. To be honest, I think Tori doesn’t perform to her full potential until her back’s against the wall.

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