The Challenge Free Agents: Top Moments from Episode 2

This week we saw love bloom and fists fly. What more could you want from The Challenge?

1. Southern Love Y’all

Screenshot_430 - Copy

The Southern gentleman Dustin has found himself a nice girl from North Carolina. Dustin and Jessica are really starting to hit it off; they’re spending a lot of time together and even kissing in dark hallways. Seems too perfect for words, right? Well, it is because Emilee is also feeling Dustin. This creates some trouble for Dustin who is trying not to hook up on this Challenge out of respect to Heather.

2. Racing to Safety


This week’s challenge is called Auto Body Rally and has the goal is to complete the two stages in the quickest time. The first stage is a race down a drag strip. One player drives a manual car while his partner sits in the passengers seat completely useless. The second stage requires the teams to pedal through a curvy course on an oversize bike. One play pedals while the other player sits backwards and steers. Laurel and Cohutta win, making them safe from The Draw and allowing them to pick two players to send into elimination. The 4 teams with the worst times are required to face The Draw.

3. Possible Lovers


Notice the pink lipstick on Jordan’s cheek

Laurel and Jordan are also hitting it off. Laurel doesn’t know where the relationship stands, but it’s clear that there are some feeling involved. Camila claims that she saw the two kissing, but Laurel denies it saying that they were just talking. I think it’s pretty clear that they at least kissed on the cheek.

4. Camilanator Returns


The cast goes out to celebrate Cohutta’s birthday, and all of the drinks end up on CT’s tab. He’s pissed that he had to spend $750 on drinks for everyone, but Camila tells him to shut up and calm down. Of course, this ends poorly but Nany tried to defend Camila. Then the argument turns into Camila vs. Nany. The two girls scream at each other, and Dustin needs to pull Nany away from Camila. They end up apologizing, but not before they make Cara Maria lose hours of sleep.

5. I Came In Like a Wrecking Wall


Laurel and Cohutta choose to send Jonna and Dustin into elimination, and The Draw claims Emilee and Frank (again) as its victims. The elimination is called Wrecking Wall and the goal is for the cast members to climb to the top of a 30 foot wall made of dry wall to ring  a bell. To climb the wall, the players must punch hand and foot holes. Jonna faces Emilee first, and she wins with ease. Dustin then faces Frank in a much closer battle, and he loses to Frank. Jess is devastated, but Emilee will probably enjoy her ride home with Dustin.


2 thoughts on “The Challenge Free Agents: Top Moments from Episode 2

  1. I didn’t understand why CT was picking up the tab? Anyone?

    The drywall climbing wall was an interesting twist with an added layer of difficulty.

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