The Challenge Free Agents: Top Moments from Episode 3


This week we watched two Challengers battle to stay in the game and another Challenger get defeated by the doctor. Let’s check out the best moments from last night’s episode.

1. Love, Marriage, and Strippers


This week Nany got on one knee and proposed to Cohutta. He graciously accepted,  confessed that he loved Nany, and she smelled like some wild flower. The guys threw Cohutta a bachelor party where he had the privilege of watching Jasmine shake her booty in a slutty schoolgirl outfit. Then the girls threw Nany a bachelorette party where Johnny stripped for her. The Nany kissed Johnny. May love can’t last in the Challenge house?

2. Sick of Being Here


Last week we saw Frank complaining about being sick. Well, he wasn’t lying. He went to the doctor who told him his lungs were infected. He called his mother, and decided he was going to try to pull through. Between him going to the doctor and the next challenge, the doctor must have called to inform TJ that Frank was really sick. Right before the next challenge Dr. Lavin told Frank that he had a contagious lung virus and couldn’t stay in the house. So long Frank!

3. Above Bars


This week’s challenge was called Bar Crawl, but it didn’t involve drinking so the cast was sad. For the Challenge, teams of 4 had to use two planks of wood to get from one platform to another. Two people from the team were on each side of the wall, and moving the plank meant both sides of the wall lost their footing. No one fell, but Johnny Bananas, Brandon, Jessica and Camila managed to pull off a win.

4. Avoiding Elimination


The winning team was tasked with sending two people into elimination. They unanimously sent Johnny for the guys. Camila took it upon herself to talk to Nia and LaToya to try to make deals in return for their safety, but Jessica said she refused to send in LaToya who she had a rookie bond with. So Jessica voted for Devyn, but the other three winners sent in Nia. At the draw, TJ revealed that production would not have a guys elimination and there was no kill card there was a possibility of no guys elimination because Frank left… and no guy pulled the kill card so there was no elimination and Johnny was safe. Then, the girls flipped cards and Cara Maria’s luck ran out. After being safe for the past two weeks she finally pulled the kill card.

5. The Long, Loopy Battle


The elimination was named Looper, which was basically Reverse Tug if War from The Gauntlet 2 except the two competitors had to weave between three poles that had no effect on the game whatsoever. Cara Maria and Nia quickly came to a stalemate. Cara Maria pulled and pulled, while Nia patiently waited for Cara Maria to wear out. After 80 minutes, Cara Maria started gaining ground on Nia (who apparently strapped on her harness so tightly it cut of circulation in the right side of her body). Cara Maria rang the bell and won, sending Nia home.




3 thoughts on “The Challenge Free Agents: Top Moments from Episode 3

  1. I think the poles had something to do with the length of the rope. If they didn’t have to slalom through the poles they would’ve both been able to ring the bell with ease.

    Also alol at the strikethrough

    • Ya the poles made the thing harder to pull from either side
      the fight between jordan nd johny would last like 2h+, i wanted to see that :/

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