The Challenge Free Agents: Episode 3 Ratings

The ratings are in! But do we really want to look?

According to TVByTheNumbers, this episode was viewed by 927,000 million people and received a 0.6 rating in the 18-49 demo. While the rating went up by 0.1, the ratings really aren’t strong. At all.

The Aftershow was viewed by 587,000 people and received a 0.4 rating. Not good, but The Aftershow isn’t a big deal.


4 thoughts on “The Challenge Free Agents: Episode 3 Ratings

  1. Do you think the challenge will be safe for a while? I wonder how poor the ratings will have to be for them to not continue it

  2. I’m shocked. I wonder if this is the timeslot change or people aren’t interested… it’s been a great season so far, I love the theme..

  3. I can almost guarantee its the time slot, because most people around the age group like to go out on Thursday nights, so that’s why they are losing people. I think if they would have stayed on Wednesdays, the ratings would be a lot better

    • The problem here is threefold in my eyes.

      Firstly, yes, the timeslot. Wednesday night has been a challenging time slot in the past with competition from shows like Duck Dynasty and South Park. However, those shows are between seasons now, so Wednesdays would have worked pretty well. The Duel 1 aired on Thursdays and pulled great ratings, as did Jersey Shore, so Thursday night is not an impossible night. It just seems funny to change nights out of the blue. I wish MTV would experiment and air a rerun of The Challenge in Wednesday at 10 since nothing is currently airing at that time.

      Secondly, promos are lacking. I watched the premier of Awkward and saw no promos for The Challenge. That was a heavily advertised night, so there should have been promos. Add in the fact that there are hardly ever reruns and you’ve got a big problem.

      Thirdly, MTV made this big shift in the format of The Real World that paid off with an increase of ratings. I don’t understand why the didn’t wait to film this Challenge until some of the Explosion kids could have participated. The goal is to retain viewers from The Real World to The Challenge by including cast members from the most recent Real World.

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