10 Challengers Who Ended Up Looking Like Fools

Every so often we see Challengers who try to make big, bold moves. In the end, this just comes back to bite them in the ass. In this post I am going to take a look back at some of the Challengers who came out looking like complete fools after trying to make a big move.

This list does not include people who found themselves on the wrong side of an argument. Nor does it include people who tried to make a big move, knowing it was chancy, and ended getting eliminated (such as Tyler on The Duel, Davis on The Duel 2, or Brianna on The Ruins). This list is reserved for those who were overly cocky with no reason to be.

So let’s get rolling…

10. Svetlana- The Duel

We all remember Svetlana as the “little rookie who could” on The Duel, but there was a time where she found herself in a bad situation. Initially she had Beth as an ally, but after Beth argued with Brad we saw Svetlana determined to eliminate Beth. Why? I’m not really sure. As much as Svetlana may have liked Brad, he wasn’t on her side like Beth was. So Svetlana saw Beth in the Push Me Duel. Svetlana shouted, swore, and grunted, but she could not budge Beth. Eventually we saw Svetlana curl into a ball and cry as Beth proceeded to rip off the flag… and get disqualified for it. While Svetlana didn’t get eliminated, she certainly didn’t make the power move she hoped to.

9. Ayanna- Battle of the Sexes 2  Screenshot_644

Ayanna hoped that stepping up as captain would allow her to guide the girls to victory on Battle of the Sexes 2, but she never got the chance to be a winner. After the girls lost, they chose to eliminated Ayanna… but she wasn’t going to leave silently. Ayanna proceeded to give one of the most memorable speeches to date where she confessed  “,I slept in my uniform last night because I wanted to win today.” This speech did not boost moral on the team, and it made her look like a bitter loser.

8. Danny – The Gauntlet 3

The Veterans knew they were going to throw the Chill Out mission and gradually each cast member got “eliminated.” Danny was the last person standing on his team, and before he eliminated himself he tried to cut a deal with the rookies for his own safety from the last male Gauntlet. The rookies didn’t really take his deal, won anyways, and once word circulated back to his teammates they made sure to throw him into the final Gauntlet of the season… where he was eliminated right before the final.

7. Emily – Battle of the Sexes

Emily was a sneaky member of the women’s inner circle on Battle of the Sexes and eliminated a few of the strongest girls to “boost team moral,” but in realty she just hated these girls. As the final mission was approaching, Emily’s spot on the final girls team was all but definite. Then, her boyfriend James was eliminated from the men’s team and Emily had a change of heart. She decided to leave with her boyfriend, so all the work she put into crafting her perfect team was for nothing.

6. Jodi- The Inferno 2


The Good Guys team were ready to vote Tonya into The Inferno, but knew they would be second to make nominations. Jodi and Julie decided that they would rather face Veronica, so once Jodi heard she was nominated she made a little “switcheroo” and put Veronica into The Inferno. Once the Bad Asses found out they were livid, but Jodi eventually got the face-off against Veronica that she wanted… and she lost.

5. Evelyn – The Island/ The Ruins

Evelyn and Johnny Bananas spent the entire Island season feuding and snatching keys from each other. Evelyn even went so far as to say that she and Kellyanne were representing the good side in a battle of good vs. evil. Evelyn managed to win the final key of the season, and rather than take victory away from Johnny she took Dunbar’s key and decided to work with Johnny.

Yes, Ev and Johnny did win, and Paula was the only one who truly got burned. But everything Evelyn stood for throughout the season was made to look like a joke. After realizing that she made herself look like a fool, she decided to throw her elimination round against Kellyanne on The Ruins so she wouldn’t look like Johnny’s pawn again. This ultimately just let Johnny split the final prize with one less person when he won The Ruins.

4. Eric – Battle of the Seasons

After beating Wes in the first elimination of the season, Eric truly believed that people were going to view him as a threat. They didn’t, especially after he continuously underperformed in the missions. So team Fresh Meat was repeatedly thrown into elimination. Despite the fact that they were doing well in eliminations, Eric found himself competing against his kind-of-girlfriend Devyn in his third elimination of the season. When things got tough in elimination, Eric decided to quit rather than stick  it out. His teammate Camila was forced to leave as well, but at least Devyn got to stick around.

3. Adam – The Duel 2


We all know Adam and CT have a history of hating each other. We also know that CT and Diem has a lot of history with each other. Now, I do believe that Adam and Diem were friends, but when rumors of a CT/Shauvon hook-up made their way through the house, Adam was the first to comfort Diem. He was also the first to go to CT and speak up for Diem. Bad idea. CT and Adam got into the biggest Challenge fight ever and they were both eliminated before they could ever compete. Adam may have been trying to help a friend, but there’s a part of me that believes that he wanted CT to know that Diem trusted him more than CT.

2. Evan- Rivals


The only thing standing in front of Johnny, Evan, and Kenny winning Rivals… CT! To eliminate him before the final the three amigos came up with a D-Day plan where Evan would come in last in a mission, earning himself a spot in elimination. Then the rest of the house would vote in CT & Adam so Evan & Nehamiah could eliminated CT & Adam. Even threw a mission (without telling Nehamiah) and got the match-up he wanted. CT & Adam blasted through elimination and Evan & Nehamiah didn’t even stand a chance of winning.

1. Jordan – Free Agents


I really do think Jordan’s move was the dumbest challenge move ever. Once Johnny got sent into elimination Jordan took it upon himself to personally eliminate Mr. Bananas. So he flipped every card in The Draw, got into elimination with Johnny, missed a step in the Wrecking Wall game, and lost faster than you can say Banobblehead.

13 thoughts on “10 Challengers Who Ended Up Looking Like Fools

  1. Danny from Road Rules Xtreme should be on this list from the Gauntlet 2 because he argued with Jodi the entire time and thought he was one of the better rookies on the team. Also when he faced Alton in the gauntlet he thought he could win and then get pushed out 2 second after TJ blew the horn.

  2. Evan’s move was definitely the worst! But I would also add Ty during Cutthroat to the list. He caused a lot of drama and he just gave up during the elimination against Brandon lol.

  3. The one reason I don’t see Evan’s as that bad is that, as most people are unaware, he was secretly trying to go home the whole time. A few people have said it…he missed his gf and wanted to go back to school and pretty much only went to pick up the appearance check and give Kenny and Johnny a vote at the beginning of the game. I think he and Nehemiah would’ve actually been competitive in that elimination had he given his best effort.

  4. I’ve heard that… not sure how much I truly believe it. In the scope of things, missing his girlfriend is a pretty weak excuse. He lasted more than half of the season and could have made it to the final.

    But the real reason I express doubt is because he worked so hard to make a skeptical out of the D-Day plan. Do you think Evan, of all the people on the show, would want to boast about his abilities only to fail miserably in The Jungle? Not only fail, but intentionally boost CT’s ego?

    And let’s face it, he wouldn’t have beat CT if he wanted it. He was in terrible shape.

  5. But that’s happened before. There was that whole Tori wanting to quit on Cutthroat because she was worried she’d lose the final for Brad and Paula. It was later admitted, by Brad, that that was BS and she wasn’t sure if she was allowed to take off another week from work and production wouldn’t let her call home to check. There’s a precedent to cast members making things up.

    I’ve heard it said by Kenny, Evan, Johnny, Jenn, Mandi, Wes and Nehemiah that he was trying to leave. He would’ve lost in the second one had Kenny/Wes not DQed on the first hammock…that messed him up from going home when he wanted to.

    1. Guess what? It is still on. If you’re reading and posting about a show you clearly don’t seem to care about constitutes “a life” I don’t think others the ones who need one.

  6. No mention of Wes plan to align with Tonya on Fresh Meat which blew up on Wes because Tonya told everyone and not to mention Jesse and Johanna voting for Shane and Linette when at least three other teams before them voted Johnny and Tonya.

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