Challenge: Free Agents

Are Jordan & Laurel Going to Last?

At the end of this week’s episode we saw Johnny Bananas tell Laurel that he didn’t think Jordan’s intentions were sincere. It’s no secret that Laurel is a great competitor, so having Laurel on his side could only benefit Jordan’s game. Yet Laurel maintained that the relationship was real and not centered on the game.


Now that Jordan has left Uruguay, the question of whether or not his relationship with Laurel will last remains. Laurel really seemed to have sincere feelings for Jordan. This was a side of Laurel that we never got to see before. Sure, she was flirting with CT on Rivals but that game tore that relationship apart before it even started.

On Free Agents Laurel was actually able to form a bond with Jordan, and she seemed upset that he left. She was also upset that he had to go without saying a real goodbye. Now that he’s gone, Bananas has introduced the possibility that Jordan’s intentions with Laurel were not genuine.

So is there a possibility that Jordan and Laurel could last? Honestly, I do think that Jordan was being genuine with Laurel. He’s confident in himself… so much so that he would rather lose by himself than do well but have to attribute his success to another competitor. However, we never saw the two of them argue. I feel that their relationship could crumble once they have their first disagreement become both are so headstrong.

Either way, I don’t see any real signs of Jordan being insincere with Laurel. So I do think there is a possibility that the relationship will last.

What do you think?


  1. Honestly from what I see their relation on the challenge was not out of the norm. It was the usual relation we see on the challenge every season. What will make it whether they will make sacrifices out of the show and see where it would lead. That’s my honest opinion

  2. What if they stay together and there is another season of Battle of the Exes and Laurel is paired with CT and Jordan is paired with Sarah? Twist!

    1. Even though Battle of the Exes is the best choice to save the show next season I can never see them pairing CT and Laurel together. Especially since CT and Diem are in a relationship and Laurel and Jordan are still together and Laurel has job. But Jordan and Sarah are a good choice for a team.

      1. Where do you get that C/T/ and Diem are together? I think if he’d get a partner it’d be freaking Anastasia which would suck for him.

  3. They are not going to last, the thing with all this relationships on the challenge is that they never last, with really few exceptions like tori and brad,and I always got the impression that laurel was looking for a boyfriend she tried with kenny and CT but they never took her serious, an Jordan only wanted to hook up with best girl he is egocentric, hooking with laurel probably make him feel like the alpha men or something.

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