10 Competitors Who Were Supposed to Become Regulars

Every so often we see new competitors come onto The Challenge and make a big splash. They are people who attract attention in fairly organic ways. Usually, they’re people who are naturally dramatic or charismatic but often find themselves in the middle or real game drama. Or maybe they’re people who like to hook up, but find themselves making enemies due to their flirtatious nature. … Continue reading 10 Competitors Who Were Supposed to Become Regulars

Road Rules Campus Crawl vs. Real World Key West: Best Season to Compete on The Challenge

Throughout the years, we’ve seen many seasons compete on The Challenge. Many of them have provided us with multiple competitors, but there are two seasons that stand out for giving use remarkable competition: Road Rules Campus Crawl and Real World Key West. This season we saw Johnny Bananas and Darrell face off, and while neither made it to the final, Darrell did eliminate Bananas. Here, … Continue reading Road Rules Campus Crawl vs. Real World Key West: Best Season to Compete on The Challenge

31 Most Memorable Real Worlders

Last year, when Real World Skeletons was about to debut, I took a look at the most forgettable Real Worlders. As we approach the next Real World season, it’s time to look at the most memorable Real Worlders. These are the people who defined the show, made it worth watching, and most importantly have paved the path for future seasons. This list is based entirely … Continue reading 31 Most Memorable Real Worlders

10 Memorable Single-Challenge Challengers

It can take some Challengers years to build a reputation on the show. For others, one season leaves a lasting impression. Here are 10 Challenge competitors who managed to stick in the memories of Challenge fans with just one appearance. Note: Anyone whose only Challenge appearance is Free Agents or Battle of the Exes 2 is not eligible for this list. 10. Arissa- Battle of … Continue reading 10 Memorable Single-Challenge Challengers

8 Losers We Wanted to Be Winners

Every Challenge boils down to the final, and there re always fan favorites in the final. Often, the obvious front-runner is not the fan favorite so many fans are left upset when their beloved underdog loses. These are some of the people or teams we really wanted to win the final, but didn’t. 8. Brad (The Duel 2) The Duel 2 was Brad’s 6th Challenge. … Continue reading 8 Losers We Wanted to Be Winners

Throwback: Beth VS. Svetlana

There’s a summer lull going on right now, so I’m going to seize this opportunity to talk about some Real World & Challenge moments that happened before this blog existed. Right now, we’re going to talk about the kind-of-controversial Beth VS. Svetlana Duel we saw 8 years ago. During this Duel, Svetlana fought Beth is a game called Push Me. Both competitors started behind a … Continue reading Throwback: Beth VS. Svetlana