Aneesa’s Best & Worst Elimination Moments

When it comes to eliminations there’s one girls that does better in the battle than on the sidelines, and that girl is Aneesa of course! Whether she’s with a partner or by herself, she does not shy away from a good battle. Let’s check out some of the moments where she rose to the fight, and other times when she came up a little short.

BEST: Versus Shauvon on The Duel 2


Shauvon made it her mission to piss off all the vets on The Duel 2, and that included taking Aneesa into the Duel. Of course, she was no competition for Aneesa in the Back Off game, and Aneesa sent her packing.

WORST: Versus Paula & Dunbar on Battle of the Exes


Banded Together was a tough elimination round, no doubt about it. It required strength, endurance, and coordination. Unfortunately, Aneesa and Rachel were defeated by Paula and Dunbar. This left some people scratching their heads because it seemed that Aneesa and Rachel were more balanced coming into this battle.

BEST: Versus Jonna on Free Agents


Jonna may have some fight in her, but Aneesa proved that vets get things done in the Wrecking Wall elimination. Aneesa hauled herself up the wall before Jonna was close to winning.

WORST: Versus Svetlana on The Duel


It pained me to watch this one, considering Aneesa was so close to the final. But only one person had to do the lifting in I Can and Aneesa told Svetlana that she wanted to lift no matter what. Svetlana kept one-upping Aneesa to the point where Aneesa just couldn’t lift the crate.

BEST: Versus Paula on The Duel 2


Aneesa and Paula have faced each other more times than any two other competitors. Aneesa proved that she had more strength in her when she defeated Paula in the Back Off Duel.

WORST: Versus Paula on The Inferno 3


When it comes to Aneesa’s Challenge career, it’s best to just forget The Inferno 3. She was plagued with injury and bad luck, both of which contributed to her loss in the Shimmy Inferno.

BEST: Versus Paula on The Duel


Paula Definitely proved herself on The Duel, but despite the fact that she gave it her all in Pole Wrestle, Aneesa still came out on top. After this battle both competitor had much more respect for each other.

WORST: Versus Camila & Jemmye on Rivals 2


Aneesa and Diem were so close to the Rivals 2 finale, but with all the pressure riding on the final Jungle they couldn’t get their coordination together to defeat Camila and Jemmye in Hanging By a Thread.

BEST: Versus Robin on The Duel


We all know that Robin and Aneesa had a huge fight on The Duel, and it was settled when Aneesa defeated Robin in the Ascended Duel. I think everyone smiled at this victory.

WORST: Versus Laurel on Free Agents


This is easily the best of her worst (I.E., eliminations she lost). Aneesa doesn’t shy away from difficult situations and she wasn’t afraid of taking on Laurel in the Oppenheimer elimination. Despite the fact that she narrowly lost, even Laurel commented that she was stronger than anticipated. Never underestimate Aneesa’s fight.

BEST: Versus Tori on The Duel 2


The Duel 2 was a shining moment in Aneesa’s Challenge career, and battling in Elevator against Tori may have been her most challenging moment. Still, Aneesa pulled through and won, and she remains the only person to ever eliminate Tori.

Also, here are the other eliminations she competed in that aren’t on my list:

  • VS. Beth on The Gauntlet 2- Beth quit, Aneesa won before stepping foot in The Beach Brawl Gauntlet.
  • VS. Diem on The Duel- She beat Diem in I Can, and Aneesa didn’t lift a finger.
  • VS. Evelyn & Paula on Rivals- You should put more blame on her partner for this one…
  • VS. Tyrie & Jamine on Battle of the Exes- Size was a huge factor in the X Knocks The Spot game. Aneesa and Rachel had the advantage against a taller Tyrie and Jasmine who is so small she can fit in a standard cup holder.

Thus far Aneesa has seen 15 eliminations. Who knows how many more she’ll see in her career?

5 thoughts on “Aneesa’s Best & Worst Elimination Moments

  1. Looking back… her loses weren’t really that bad. Half of them weren’t even her fault or were lame like “I Can” for example. Aneesa’s done pretty damn well in all 15 eliminations.

  2. It has been stated that Aneesa let Svetlana win that Duel (I had my suspicions when she said she wanted to life the crate). Some losses were due to others screwing it up for her (Diem, Robin), while she was injured in the Inferno 3 and barely lost to Laurel. She was the weak link with Rachel in Exes, though.

  3. Can I ask where you got the screen shot for inferno 3? I can’t find it anywhere online to buy and I can’t find it uploaded anywhere. Its the only season I’ve never seen and I’ve been trying forever to find it

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