All Thirty Two Real World Seasons Ranked

The Real World is officially back… on Facebook Watch this time. While the season is simply called “Real World Atlanta,” that does not pay respect to the 32 prior seasons of the show. That is a lot of history and a lot of people have viewed the show over the years. Here is my ranking of all thirty-two prior seasons. This is clearly biased, but I do … Continue reading All Thirty Two Real World Seasons Ranked

31 Most Memorable Real Worlders

Last year, when Real World Skeletons was about to debut, I took a look at the most forgettable Real Worlders. As we approach the next Real World season, it’s time to look at the most memorable Real Worlders. These are the people who defined the show, made it worth watching, and most importantly have paved the path for future seasons. This list is based entirely … Continue reading 31 Most Memorable Real Worlders

8 Losers We Wanted to Be Winners

Every Challenge boils down to the final, and there re always fan favorites in the final. Often, the obvious front-runner is not the fan favorite so many fans are left upset when their beloved underdog loses. These are some of the people or teams we really wanted to win the final, but didn’t. 8. Brad (The Duel 2) The Duel 2 was Brad’s 6th Challenge. … Continue reading 8 Losers We Wanted to Be Winners

10 “Blame it on the Alcohol” Moments

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I figured it would be a good time to stroll down memory lane and remember some of the dumbest alcohol-related moments in Real World history. From the looks of it, Real World Portland will be plagued with its share of dumb moments, so get ready to add some more moments to this list. Montana’s Fired (Real World Boston)- Getting … Continue reading 10 “Blame it on the Alcohol” Moments

When Legends Lose

“If I can take out two of the strongest competitors that means I am one of the strongest competitors.” Those words were uttered on Wednesday’s episode prior to her victory with Robb in The Arena against Alton and Nany. While Marie may not be one of the best competitors (yet), defeating Alton was pretty remarkable. Let’s check out some of the challenge legends and the … Continue reading When Legends Lose