Will We Ever Need a Fresh Meat 3?

Now that the presence of Are You The One? kids on The Challenge is all but official, it’s time to start embracing this new crop of Challengers. Even though there are allegedly only 4 on the upcoming 26th  Challenge, opening this door brings the potential of 20 new players to The Challenge.

Taking a walk down memory lane, 2006 introduced us to Fresh Meat 1. 2010 introduced us to Fresh Meat 2. If we’re keeping pace, 2014 would introduce us to Fresh Meat 3. Instead, we saw Are You The One?


For the most part, no one regards either Fresh Meat season as an exceptional season. They did, however, bring us some exceptional players. So perhaps Are You The One will bring some “fresh meat” onto the Challenge field without us having to endure another Fresh Meat season.

In my eyes, that’s the only positivity to having them on the show. I also never watched Are You The One, so I may love these kids if I watch the show. Still, it feels kind of funny to have them on a Challenge.

Of course, Are You The One 2 has also been announced, which will introduce 20 more individuals who could be on The Challenge.


10 thoughts on “Will We Ever Need a Fresh Meat 3?

  1. Not really, FM people do’t even return they just pick four or five. So pointless if you’re not going t let others return. The format of FM is boring too.

  2. I rather they have the Freshmeat be Real World or Road Rules castmembers who have never done a challenge and they partner up with a alumni castmember. There are a lot of castmembers who have not done a challenge that want to do them and this might be the best case.

  3. fresh meat 2 was amazing when kenny overcame the odds to take down wes…also that season produced laurel cara theresa who have become legit regulars,….and politics aside kenny landon n darelll are legend

  4. are you the one is so scripted.. i tried watching it and i was bored. they really should bring back road rules or fresh meat.

  5. Fresh meat was great. It embraced the classic challenge idea of rookies and vets. On recent challenges we’ve seen rookie domination (please don’t even talk to me about Battle of the Seasons), and that is not what the challenge has ever been about. As much as it can be frustrating to watch, the Vets flew through the Gauntlet 3 and the Champions crushed the Challengers on Ruins (let’s admit that we all cheered when we watched the Rookies dig up that win at the end of Gauntlet 3, while the Vets stomped and moaned). But that was what the challenge was about. To see the rookies under the control of the Vets, and the Vets having that annoying superiority complex is much welcomed. Remember when Paula said in FM1 “these guys are the rookies- they’re not supposed to have opinions- they need to follow their partners?”

  6. I think they should open up the show to ALL MTV “stars” and call it Challenge of the MTV Network Reality “Stars.” They could pit former Challengers against people from all other MTV reality shows. I want to watch CT kick the ass of Adam from Teen Mom 2.

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