Best Real World Jobs

Happy Labor Day! Some hopefully you’re able to enjoy time off from your job. Just to remind you that some people have better opportunities than you, let’s check out some of the jobs Real World roommates have held… no prior experience required!

Real World Seattle: Radio Hosts


Taking place in Seattle during the peak of the grunge era, the Seattle roommates had a very fitting job: radio personalities. While their gig began as a marketing and promotions opportunity, they later got on air experience. Nowadays your need years of schooling before you can get that experience.

Real World New Orleans: TV Personalities

real world nola

The original NOLA cast was forced to work, something that would have put a huge damper on Preston and Jemmye’s experience. Though they had to work, it was a pretty fun job. They got to host shows on the local cable network. Perhaps this job is best remembered for David going on the air and singing his “c’mon be my baby tonight,” song.

Real World Paris: Travel Reviewers

real world paris

If you were cast on the Paris Real World season you got to live in a mansion in a foreign country with CT. Sound like a good deal? Well, it gets better. Their job was to review locations in the area for Frommer’s. So basically, they got paid to go to bars and restaurants. Of course, the thought of work was too much for this cast and they seldom completed an assignment.

Real World Austin: Documentary Filmmakers

real world austin

Living in Austin is pretty sweet around the time of South by Southwest, and the Austin kids got to make the most of their experience. They were assigned to make a documentaries for two of the bands performing and they selected Hellogoodbye and Halifax. Not only were they treated to this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but they also received MP3 players with music from all of the bands at SXSW, a luxury other Real World roommates would kill for.

Real World St. Thomas: Animal Trainers


If there was ever a reason to be jealous of this cast, it’s for their job assignment. Many people dream of training sea animals, and this cast got the opportunity. They worked at the Coral World water park and had assignments that included training sea lions. However, those who couldn’t swim got stuck in the gift shop (LaToya).


3 thoughts on “Best Real World Jobs

  1. Seattle was also the best because it led to good drama. The roommates had to compete with one another to be on-air personalities and it led to clashing. NOLA also did this well where each week a roommate would be in charge of the show (“Time the Fuck out!”). Surprised few other jobs afterwards aren’t set up to create this leadership/position drama, now it’s just them working side by side.

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