The Challenge

Throwback: CT or Derrick, Better Bad Ass Asset

This week, we’re going to throw back to The Inferno 3. Many people forget this season even existed, but it did. If you do remember this season you likely remember it for one of two reasons: Derrick getting his first win or CT getting sent home in about 4 hours. The former would not have been possible without the latter because Derrick replaced CT when he got the boot.


As we all know, CT has a history of being a beast in Challenges. He made it to the end of both the Inferno 1 and Inferno 2, but his defining moments (as of Inferno 3) would have been on The Duel where he was steamrolling most of the competition until he got himself DQed in the final Duel. However, he does have tendency to be an aggressive player who makes bad choices during competitions. These can be quite costly, and considering that The Inferno 3 was a team Challenge, CT’s mistakes could have cost his team.

On the other hand, we have Derrick. He is undoubtedly one of the best Challengers we know, but his physical strength can’t match CT’s. However, Derrick has proven himself to be a team player and a leader. These are two qualities that CT never displayed on his prior Challenges and benefited him when he competed on The Inferno 3.

We know that the Bad Asses won The Inferno 3, but they also lost 6 missions. It seems that Derrick was a great fit on the team, but we still have to question whether they would have been better off with their original teammate CT.


  1. CT would’ve probably been able to beastmode his way through a lot of challenges, but on the other hand you have to remember that Davis was not the only victim of CT’s brutishness on the first night; he also put his own damn teammate Kenny into a chokehold and didn’t let up when Kenny tapped out! I truly think CT would’ve been a detriment to the team’s dynamic and hindered their overall chemistry and success in missions.

  2. CT has grown up a LOT since then, but back in the day he was pretty crazy. Derrick too, actually. Both started off as wildcards their teams felt they couldn’t trust, and became two of the strongest competitors to ever play the game. I wish Derrick would come back!

  3. I just find it funny how CT would of have his first win if he did not punch Davis and because of it Derrick got his first win. I wonder if CT would of done Gauntlet 3 or would Derrick be there over him.

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