Real World

Worst Real World Jobs

Earlier this week, I posted the best jobs that Real Worlders have held. Now, we’re going to focus on the worst. If you’re working a shitty job, chances are you’d rather not be working in one of these positions.

Real World Boston: After School Volunteers


Some people love volunteering for underserved youth, and if you’re that type of person this job is perfect for you. Others had a hard time in this position. Whether it was maintaining control of the classroom, meshing with the kids, or preventing the kids from drinking wine, there were a lot of problems.

Real World Las Vegas: Palm Springs Staff


Perhaps not the worst of the worst, but living in the Palm Springs didn’t turn out to be a complete vacation for these seven strangers. They had to assist with various functions that included promotions, cocktail waitressing, and even go-go dancing. Not the worst jobs in the hotel, but not the best either.

Real World San Diego: Sailors/ Deckhands


The San Diego roommates found themselves wrist-deep in chum during their jobs. Sure, they learned to sail, a skill that no one had prior to being on the show, but they spent a lot of time scrubbing decks and washing boats. It got chilly by the ocean, and Cameran & Robin even jumped into the water to get out of a day of work.

Real World Cancun: Travel Coordinators


The Cancun roommates worked for the company Student City and hosted/coordinated events for vacationers using the service. The job itself wasn’t so bad, but the limitations were enough cause some serious frustrations. They couldn’t do the following: be intoxicated in public, flirt with vacationers, or participate in contests. To make matters worse, most of the shifts were early in the morning.

Real World Portland: Servers/Cashiers


Real World Portland took a different approach to jobs. Rather than having a glamorous job that was representative of the area in which the cast lived, they had normal jobs that people in their early 20’s work. Most of the cast worked in a pizza restaurant while Anastasia and Jessica were trapped in a food cart serving frozen yogurt. Nothing stellar, but they did make a little extra cash.


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