Throwback: Was Leroy Better with Adam or Mike as a Partner?

The rookies made quite a splash on Rivals, especially Leroy and Mike who made it all the way to the end. The duo made a surprisingly good team with Leroy has the muscle and Mike as the mental. Though rookies seldom make it to the final, especially without going into any elimination, Mike and Leroy did just that.


Things were going really well for these two… until the final. This was the first overnight final, and Mike became exhausted. At the dawn of the second morning, Mike felt too disoriented to continue climbing a mountain and the team gracefully bowed out of the race. Despite the fact that Mike carried his weight for the rest of the season, he couldn’t complete the final.

There’s always a part of me that wonders if Adam would have been able to perform as well as Mike. As Leroy’s original partner, Adam got disqualified from the competition when he punched Ty after the first mission. He only completed on mission but he did win that mission.

Though we never really saw Adam compete, I believe that he would have been an agile competitor. He also seems like the type that would dive straight into competitions with little regard for his safety. Of course, there two qualities are benefits when competing in a Challenge.

There’s also the fact that Adam is a ticking timebomb. If he didn’t get disqualified for punching Ty, he likely would have found himself in other arguments. I have a hard time believing that Adam would have been able to lay low and avoid confrontation like Mike did.

I believe that Adam would have performed better than Mike in the final. He probably would have been faster and likely would have had more endurance. I also believe that the road to the final would have been much more difficult for Leroy if he had Adam as a partner and I seriously doubt he would have been able to avoid elimination.

Who do you think was a better partner for Leroy?


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