Diem Brown

Diem Faces Another Set Back During Cancer Treatment

In an interview with People.com, Diem Brown opened up about her ongoing third battle with cancer. This past week, as Diem was beginning her chemo treatments, doctors found blockage due to swelling tumors. This completely blocked her left kidney and 75% of the right.

1rt-diem-brown-3_6286This is just one day in the life of Diem as she battle colon cancer. The blockage resulted in emergency surgery, but it hasn’t hurt Diem’s spirit. She remains hopeful during this time and is thriving due to the support of her friends and family. Her sense of humor hasn’t left her and she’s still finding reasons to smile.

As usual, Diem has been brave enough to share her story with the public, so it seems likely that we’ll hear more from her as she continues to fight.

Feel free to tweet Diem some love on Twitter @DiemBrownMTV


  1. Thanks for the Diem update. A friend of mine started Chemo on Monday. Another friend ends Chemo today. So much pain all around. #StayStrongDiem

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