Are You The One?

5 Reasons to Get Into “Are You The One?”

ayto2castI’ve resisted the urge for the longest time, but I am officially now a fan of Are You The One. I still have mixed feelings in regards to them joining The Challenge, but that’s not my decisions to make. With the premier of the seconds season coming tomorrow (Oct. 6th), I am going to give you 5 reasons you may want to tune in:

1. The Are Challenges: If you were to thrown The Challenge and A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila into a blender, Are You The One would be the result. The Challenges aren’t great, in fact they’re pretty stupid, but they’re entertaining enough.

2. There Will Be Fights: Season 1 had its share of petty fights, and no doubt seasons 2 will continue the trend.Love and money always result in drama, and this show has all of the above.

3. The Cast is Attractive: Apparently these people don’t know how to find love, but they’re attractive enough to sleep with almost anyone. And they’ll probably do just that in the “boom boom room.”

4. The Might Not Win: If you hate the show there is a possibility that the cast won’t find their prefect matches, and then they’ll lose all the money. Take pleasure in their misery if that happens.

5. They’ll Probably End Up on The Challenge: It’s inevitable. They’re gonna be on The Challenge at some point just like Season 1 is going to be represented on the upcoming season. Embrace it.


  1. I refuse to “embrace” this travesty mingling with RR / RW / FM. I don’t understand this decision. I hope that AYTO kids are shipped out first by challenge vets.

      1. Usually I do not support him on the challenges but I will be team Johnny Bananas in any elimination he goes in to against these kids.

  2. Yes please! The AYTO kids are so trashy, no even funny/trashy Tonya style just disgusting trashy! And they are so stupid and anoying!

  3. finally people i agree with! the show is dumb scripted and just a bunch of dumb kids. let’s bring back road rules or fresh meat

  4. I watched the first season and found it really boring… I am trying with this new one, but the first episode was terrible and the challenge was copied from the battle of the sexes 2!

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