Real World Skeletons

Did Nicole Need To Have Her “Skeletons” Visit?

Everyone else is biting their nails in the Real World Skeletons house because their Skeletons are about to wreak havoc on the house, and all Nicole gets is her two loving sisters.

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 2.36.52 PM

I get it, Nicole is definitely the oddball among the three triplets. The other two girls, Ashley and Samantha, are settling down while Nicole is the promiscuous lesbian who can’t seem to stay committed in relationships. Still, at the core of this relationship is love. At the core of every other skeleton relationship is hatred, betrayal, or abandonment.

If Nicole is the player that MTV wants her to appear to be, wouldn’t it make more sense to bring in an ex-grilfriend? Or perhaps a straight girl whose relationship was ruined by Nicole only to find out Nicole is playing lots of girls. That would find in with the rest of the casting this season, but the relationship between Nicole and her sisters seems so out of place. Not only was there little to be discussed, but it didn’t add a lot of depth to Nicole’s character.

Maybe production wanted to include a more relatable plot line before introducing three more complex plot lines, or maybe Nicole was only cast so she’d eventually become a strong competitor on The Challenge. Either way, Nicole’s skeletons seemed to be underwhelming.

What do you think?


  1. She was most likely casted for the challenge. Her skeletons had no drama and she does not bring anything to the real world.

  2. hmm! that does pose an interesting thought.

    Maybe in order to keep the balance of the show, and variety within the cast’s story lines, they needed a skeleton who is somewhat of a positive story. You can’t have everyone be an absolute nightmare, because then it’s not a rounded picture, it’s just people getting fucked over again and again.

    Even though her story isn’t as juicy as others, her her story works as a good counter-weight to the hell others have to go through.

    It sounds like it was a deliberate casting choice

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