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10 Of The Toughest Challenges Ever

Last week we saw the Battle of the Exes 2 cast compete in a grueling challenge called Don’t Forget About Me that only half of the cast could finish. Many of the people competing said it was the toughest challenge ever, and it certainly had a few people stressing out. Let’s check out some of the other challenges that were overly difficult.

This list does not include final challenges or eliminations. Nor will there be head-to-head challenges that were only difficult because of your opponent.

All Or Nothing (The Gauntlet)

toughallnothingOne of the first challenges to truly test the cast, this challenge seemed easier than it actually was. At first glance it was just a rope climb, but add in the fact that you had to jump onto the rope that was dangling from a helicopter, and you have a seriously tricky challenge. Even Darrell disqualified from this, so you know it’s tough.

Human Ox Pull (Fresh Meat)

toughoxpullDragging 850 pound through the mud is not fun, and even some of the strongest Challengers were at a standstill trying to move all of this weight. This challenge caused Coral to dislocate her knee and worsened Evan’s developing sports hernia, ultimately sending the team home.

Wrap & Roll (The Inferno 3)

toughwrapThe goal of this challenge was to unwind and rewind a rope allowing yourself and your partner to advance across a beam without letting any of the rope touch the ground. Sounds tedious but simple enough, until you add in the fact that you’re suspended 1,000 feet in the air. Now that’s a heart attack waiting to happen.

Dangle Duo (The Duel 2)

toughdangleThis challenge required duos to climb a 100 foot rope, but the catch was the fact that the distance between rungs increased as you progressed. This required partners to physically climb on top of each other to advance. For many teams, the 20 minute time limit wasn’t close to enough.

Obstacle (Fresh Meat 2)

toughobstacleThis challenge required teams to complete 10 grueling tasks ranging from moving logs to solving puzzles. This challenge was really a mini final, and everyone who competed was winded by the end of it.

High Ball (Cutthroat)

toughhighballThis challenge wasn’t as physically taxing as others, but the amount of concentration it required was beyond frustrating. Essentially, two people had to balance a ball on top of a contraption that resembled a cocktail glass with a flat head, Then they had to climb a hill and drop the ball in a barrel. Unless you were Laurel & Abe, you failed at this challenge.

Blown Away (Battle of the Exes)

toughfeelburnThis challenge required the cast to transport lawn furniture while a jet engine blew at them, then they had to run into that jet engine. Johnny Bananas and Mark Long could not do this challenge, so most rookies wouldn’t stand a chance.

Logged Out (Battle of the Seasons)

toughloggedSimilar to Don’t Forget About Me, this challenge required teammates to carry logs uphill and recreate a puzzle at the top. Mind you, logs are much heavier than puzzle pieces, so this was a grueling uphill battle…literally.

Piggy Back (Free Agents)

toughpiggybackThis challenge required the cast to move across hanging ropes like ants climbing a hill. Once you got into position on a rope, you have to physically transport humans to the other side. Needless to say, many of the cast members failed at this one.

Don’t Forget About Me (Battle of the Exes 2)

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 3.17.37 PMThis challenge is definitely one of the toughest. The guys had to lift 300 pounds to reveal and answer key, and even more difficult the girls had to remember it and recreate the puzzle at the top of a mountain. Because most girls can’t remember anything, the teams has to take many, many trips up and down the mountain.


    1. totally this one, and the puzzle wasnt easy
      i think blown away was just a “fun” challenge instead of tough, i think they all ended up laughing at the thing

    2. Gas Problem was definitely a tough challenge, and would qualify. However, I really don’t feel like there was any way to prepare for this challenge. The challenges listed were tests on strength, endurance, logic, agility, among other trainable skills. Gas Problems just required you not to pass out when exposed to chemicals.

  1. What about “Balancing Act” from the Gauntlet 2. Where two members were on separate ropes only holding up their partners by a rope and make to the other side. Only Landon and Alton finished while everyone else DQ’ed.

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